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Senior travel insurance with medical conditions

Age shouldn’t be a barrier to exploring the world, travelling and enjoying some time away. However, as you get older you may increasingly find that travel insurance policies for senior citizens are hard to find.

Travel insurance for senior citizens

At Free Spirit, age is not an issue and we want to help you to continue to enjoy your travels whilst knowing that you have the protection and peace of mind that holiday insurance provides. That’s why we have a senior travel insurance policy available for you.

No matter if you are over 65, 75, 80 or 90, Free Spirit will consider you even if you have an existing medical condition.

Our senior travel insurance policies have terms and conditions and cover is subject to medical screening, but after just a few simple questions we’ll be able to tell you what cover we can provide.

Find out more about the specific cover you need:

Senior travel insurance for over 65

Senior travel insurance for over 75

Senior travel insurance for over 80

Senior travel insurance for over 90

Providing the cover you need

We offer single trip insurance if you are only making one trip or, if you are off on quite a few adventures during the year, we offer annual multi-trip cover. Whichever one you choose you’ll have a policy which best suits your needs, and no matter what your age it will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.

In addition, we also offer two different levels of cover – Super or Super Duper! With both levels you’ll have the cover you need for things like the cancellation of your holiday or emergency medical treatment while you are abroad. Then, when you are away your gadgets, possessions, travel documents and even medical aids & prescriptions are covered. The Super Duper covers offers a higher cover limit value and extra cover for journey disruption and end supplier failure, giving you additional peace of mind.

We cover existing medical conditions and disabilities

If finding a senior travel insurance policy is difficult, then disclosing an existing medical condition or disability can make finding standard cover impossible. Not so with Free Spirit – we specialise in providing travel insurance for people who have medical conditions or disabilities and we will always try to find a policy which meets your needs.

Here are just some of the medical conditions we cover:

Cover for you and your companions

Our senior travel insurance may also be able to cover the people you are travelling with, even if they have a existing medical condition and regardless of their age.

Having a policy which covers your whole group is a great idea because if your trip needed to be cancelled due to your medical condition, everyone would be covered – which you wouldn’t get if you all had separate policies.

How to get Free Spirit’s senior travel insurance

Securing senior travel insurance with Free Spirit is designed to be as easy as possible and our friendly team of experts are ready to speak to you today.

Call us on 02392 419 080 (we are closed on Bank Holidays). We’ll ask you a short series of questions as part of a medical screening before we make a quick decision about what cover we can offer you.

If you’d prefer you can also do this all online through our website.

Whatever your age and whatever your circumstances, we’ll be happy to help in looking to find you senior travel insurance so you can enjoy the very best the world has to offer.

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