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Travel insurance for over 80’s with medical cover

When you reach 80 it can seem like hitting a brick wall when it comes to fulfilling your travel wishes or even re-visiting old favourite holiday destinations as obtaining medical travel insurance can become a chore! Over 80s travel insurance for medical and pre-existing conditions can prove difficult to obtain as most standard policies will exclude customers over a certain age or place restrictions on the cover they offer.

Pre-existing medical conditions & over 80s travel insurance

When you become classified as a senior citizen it can be difficult to find the right specialist travel insurance and that’s why Free Spirit is a firm believer that age shouldn’t restrict you from travelling abroad. We have no age limits on our single or annual multi-trip policies even if you are over 80, as we want everyone to be able to experience the world!

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Flexible holiday insurance options for the over 80s

Our travel insurance for over 80s is flexible and can be tailored for your personal travel requirements. We can offer cover up to 45 days on single trip holidays (94 days if aged 75 years or under) and on our annual multi-trip policy we can provide unlimited number of trips throughout the year, with any single trip being no longer than 31 days on our Super cover and 45 days per trip on Super Duper.

Travel insurance tips and advice for the over 80s

We recommend that you purchase the insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday, so that you have peace of mind that if you need to cancel prior to departing you will have cover in place. (terms & conditions apply of course!)

Why choose Free Spirit if you’re over 80?

  • No upper age limit
  • Most medical conditions and disabilities can be covered
  • Fully interactive website including online medical screening
  • Journey disruption / Airspace closure cover available on Super Duper cover
  • Loss or damage to medical aids, including wheelchairs, and prescribed medications

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition or disability?

Free Spirit recognises that as you get older you are more likely to have a medical condition. Unlike most standard policies our over 80 travel policy covers the majority of medical conditions – including high cholesterol, cancer and a host of cardiac problems such as angina.

Make sure you cover your pre-existing medical conditions when travelling so that you are fully protected should a claim arise. Free Spirit is one of the market leaders in specialist travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities including:

Cover your travelling companions on the same policy

Travelling companions and carers can also be covered on Free Spirit, whether they have a pre-existing medical condition or not. By including your travelling companions and carers on your Free Spirit policy, you will ensure the whole party is covered. For example, if you had to cancel your holiday due to your medical condition, your travelling companions on the same policy would also be covered which may not be the case if they had taken out a policy elsewhere.

Also included are benefits for aftercare at home following hospitalisation, personal accident, personal liability, money & documents, missed / delayed departure, legal expenses and winter sports option.

Please read the Insurance Policy for the full terms and conditions of this over 75 travel insurance cover to make sure it’s suitable for your needs.

What is over 80s medical travel insurance?

As travellers get older it can become more of a challenge to find affordable and wide-ranging travel insurance. Over 80s travel insurance including pre-existing medical conditions is specifically designed to help the older traveller go on holiday with peace of mind regardless of the existing medical conditions they may have. This type of policy is often tailored towards individual and multiple medical condition cover and related directly to the over 80 age group.

How to get your Free Spirit travel insurance for over 80’s quote

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We understand that our senior customers want to be able to purchase their specialist travel insurance quickly and be able to speak to someone if they need to discuss their medical history. Our online medical screening is quick and easy to use and a policy can be issued straight to you, so if you are at the airport, there is no need to panic!

Our fully interactive website includes online medical screening.

Alternatively, you can call us and speak to a friendly member of staff in our UK based call centre on 0800 170 7704. Our office hours are 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday (except Bank Holidays).

Over 80’s travel insurance guides and resources

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Last updated: 22nd December 2017.