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Annual Multi-trip travel insurance

Unlimited trips for 12 months

Defaqto 5 Star Rated Annual Multi-Trip Travel InsuranceOur ‘Super Duper’ level of cover is rated 5 Star by Defaqto which means that it has been independently verified to provide one of the highest quality offerings in the market.

If you are planning on travelling more than once in a year, you could save money by buying an Annual Multi-trip policy from Free Spirit.

With Free Spirit annual multi-trip travel insurance you can travel for a maximum of 31 days per trip if you choose Super cover or 45 days per trip if you select Super Duper cover. And the big benefit is that you can travel as many times as you like in a 12 month period as long as you don’t exceed the maximum trip limit and you return home before starting your next holiday.

Why choose Free Spirit annual cover:

  • Most medical conditions and disabilities covered
  • No upper age limit
  • Cover for unlimited number of trips in a 12 month period
  • Travel up to 31 days per trip (Super) and 45 days (Super Duper)
  • Online medical screening
  • Cover for European and Worldwide cruises – cruise insurance
  • 24 hour emergency medical helpline, 365 days a year

Having an Annual policy in place with Free Spirit will protect you should you need to cancel your trip, if your luggage is lost or stolen or if fall ill whilst away. There are many other covers included with a Free Spirit travel insurance policy including repatriation to your home country, personal liability, delayed departure and loss or damage to medical aids and if you select Super Duper there is additional cover for End Supplier Failure and journey disruption including airspace closure. See summary of cover for more information.

Note – Cancellation cover starts on the start date of your policy or the date on which you booked your holiday, whichever is the latest. If you have already booked your trip, you should purchase a policy from today’s date.

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What makes Free Spirit annual multi-trip policies different from many standard policies on the market, is that we can cover people with pre-existing medical conditions. By covering your medical conditions, Free Spirit gives you peace of mind protection each time you travel and you will need to keep your travel insurance provide up-to-date with your medical conditions should anything change during the year.

Please read the Insurance Policy for the full terms and conditions of this Free Spirit Single Trip travel insurance cover to make sure it’s suitable for your needs.

Cover your travelling companions on the same policy

Travelling companions can also be covered on Free Spirit, whether they have a pre-existing medical condition or not. By including your travelling companions on the same Free Spirit policy, you will ensure the whole party is covered. For example, if you had to cancel your holiday due to your medical condition, your travelling companions on the same policy would also be covered which may not be the case if they had taken out a policy elsewhere.

We’re on hand to help

Free Spirit has a dedicated UK based customer service team to answer any questions and deal with your enquiries. Call 0800 170 7704, we are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (closed Bank Holidays) and your call will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Annual Multi-trip Insurance FAQs

What start date should I choose?

Cancellation cover begins on the date you choose to start your policy. If you already have a trip booked and you want to be covered immediately, you should select today’s date. You can choose to start your policy later (up to 31 days from today’s date) but there would not be any cancellation cover between now and the start date you choose.

How many times can I travel and how long can each trip be?

You can travel as often as you like within the 12 month period. There is a limit of 31 days (Super) and 45 days (Super Duper) for any one trip.

What are the Geographical Areas on an Annual Multi-trip policy?

You will not be covered if you travel outside the area you have chosen, as shown on your Policy Schedule.

Europe – all countries west of the Ural Mountains including: Andorra, the Azores, Balearics, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Corsica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Isle of Man, Madeira, Malta, Republic of Ireland, San Marino, Sicily, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Kingdom

Worldwide – excluding Canada, Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, USA, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sudan but including Australia, New Zealand, Egypt & Israel.

Worldwide – including Canada, Caribbean, China, Hong Kong and USA but excluding Afghanistan, Liberia and Sudan.

Full details of countries covered are shown under ‘Geographical Areas’ in the ‘Definition of Words’ on page 5 in the Insurance Policy.

Am I covered for trips in the UK?

Yes, provided you have at least two nights pre-booked accommodation.

Can I extend my policy if I am abroad and want to stay over the maximum trip limit?

We are not able to extend the Annual Multi-trip policy. The maximum duration for any one trip is 31 days (Super) and 45 days (Super Duper).

If you exceed the maximum trip duration, any claims during your holiday will not be covered.

Under an Annual Multi-trip policy, can children travel independently of an insured adult?

No. Adults may travel independently but children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an insured adult.

Cover for a single trip

A single trip policy covers any one single holiday, business or pleasure trip up to 94 days in duration (45 days if aged 76 years or over).

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Last updated: 31st August 2017.