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6 Beautiful Baltic Countries to Avoid the Heat

Baltic countries might not be on your radar right now. However, an awareness of sultry Southern Europe should be. Scientists forecast that the record-breaking heatwaves observed this summer will be the norm as soon as 2035.

With this in mind, you may wish to venture to cooler destinations to escape a heatwave. Especially if you live with a medical condition that is worsened by extreme heat. We have some unique holiday destinations to share if you are definitely not hot on the heat. Each of these sits in northeast Europe around the Baltic Sea.

There’s something for everyone in the Baltics. Stroll along beautiful beaches in Poland or cycle around lush lakes in Lithuania. Plus, Baltic countries are safe and welcoming and the average summer temperature is 15-25°C.

If this temperature sounds like your sweet spot read on! Discover one of many beautiful Baltic countries to visit on your holidays. We’ll start with the happiest…

1. Denmark

Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world due to the Dane’s concept of ‘Hygge’. Each week they take time out to embrace the best things in life, such as time with family.

Some of their best festivals appear on the Christian calendar (Christmas and Easter). However, their midsummer festival is influenced by pagan and Christian traditions. Visit a fairy tale town such as Odense on June 23rd to celebrate Sankt Hans (Saint John’s Eve) with the locals. Join in with the singing and dancing, or listen to live music around a bonfire.

There are plenty of traditional Danish foods to tuck into too. These include the national dish of Stegt flæsk (a crispy pork dish) and smørrebrøds (open-faced sandwiches). Part of Danish culture revolves around good food and preparing it with the family – so don’t be scared to get involved.

If you bring to Denmark visit Legoland Billund Resort – a colourful escape for young and old. Together, let your imaginations flow! Build a Lego house, before having smørrebrøds for lunch on the resort’s sandy beach.

Another friendly country full of good food and festivals is Finland.


2. Finland

Finland may be home to Santa Claus, and you can even meet him during a Christmas break in the village of Rovaniemi. However, the man in red is only one of Finland’s famous attractions.

There are other surprises in Finland’s capital, Helsinki. Helsinki is an innovative city, with a big focus on sustainability. Each year it implements new green initiatives. These include building eco-designed saunas and running zero-waste restaurants (Nolla), which use organic ingredients. What is more, 40% of the city is green space – one of the greenest in Europe.

Why not support Helsinki’s sustainable efforts by experiencing Flow Festival? Flow Festival kicks off in August. It’s a time to listen to good music and appreciate Finnish culture. So, while you’re there enjoy fresh seafood dishes (said to be the best in Europe). Then escape to Finland’s Taiga forests for a herring picnic lunch overlooking a lake.


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3. Poland

If you love history, you may be interested in booking a prison tour around Auschwitz to pay your respects.  However, there’s more to Poland than you think!

Spend time in the sunshine capturing historic castles and pretty palaces on camera. Did you know there are 2,500+ palaces across Poland? Many are in/around Krakow – a fascinating city with a great culinary scene. Book a city break here to taste some top cuisine. For instance, a trip inside a “Bar Mleczny’ (Milk Bar) is where you try traditional Polish foods. Tuck into dumplings filled with warm cottage cheese and potatoes. In summer the dumplings are more likely to be filled with strawberries – ideal for a trip to the beach.

Poland’s beaches are in unique locations. In northwest Poland the resort city of Leba has a white, soft, sandy beach on the edge of Slowinski National Park. A tranquil escape for spotting rare bird life such as the greater flamingo or snowy owl. For another seaside retreat settle on Świnoujście’s blue flag beach on the Polish coast. Świnoujście’s is perfect for swimming due to its shallow coastline. It sits on the German border next to Heringsdorf beach.


4. Germany

Although the majority of Germany is landlocked, the Baltic Sea crashes along its northeast coastline. Here two Pomeranian Islands sit. The Island of Usedom is home to Heringsdorf – one of Germany’s oldest beach resorts. Spend time strolling along golden sands and down a 508 metre Grand Pier. However, it’s not just a seaside town.  Heringsdorf is full of magnificent architecture and is a relaxing place to take in the sea air. For a spot of pampering, book into a premium spa hotel for luxury spa treatments to begin a wellness holiday in Heringsdorf.

To keep close to the water, follow the Danube River by boat. Book your river cruise from Munich – the heartland of Barvari (Germany’s biggest and most beautiful state). Also, in Munich you can book cultural tours to learn about Germany’s past. Start in Marienplatz square before exploring many modern museums. Then admire Munich’s Baroque, Roman and Gothic architecture from the top of the observation deck in the New Town Hall.

Munich is known as a magical place to begin cycling holidays as well. Follow the Isar Cycle Route to explore refreshing inland lakes. Then cycle past mighty mountains and through the Murnauer Moos (the largest natural wetland in Central Europe).

For another cycling holiday location, Lithuania has some coastal cycle tours worth pedalling along.


5. Lithuania

Although Lithuania has been occupied and controlled by others for much of its history it is now an independent country (1990) and member of the EU (2004). It also happens to be a very pleasant destination.

Explore old Baroque towns such as Kaunas (formerly Kovno) or the capital Vilnius. Vilnius is one of four UNESCO World Heritage sites within Lithuania. There are lots of well-preserved mediaeval monuments and architecture to enjoy. One highlight that you can’t miss is the Vilnius TV Tower, which happens to be one of the tallest television towers in the world. Located outside the city it affords spectacular views across the city and beyond. Perfect to enjoy on the 55th-floor rotating restaurant with a traditional Lithuanian dinner of cepelinai (potato dumplings served with bacon, pork rinds, and a sour cream).

When you come back out of the clouds, hire a bicycle in Vilnius and follow the route towards tranquil Trakai. On the route, you’ll discover 200 lush lakes, such as Lake Galve – the perfect place for a refreshing dip or dive! Spend a couple of days cycling around this 18km Lake or challenge yourself to cover 300km of Lithuania’s flat landscape in two weeks. Ride from the capital to the seashore or zoom around Žemaitija National Park (24km).

Another Baltic State which is home to six national parks is Estonia.


6. Estonia

Estonia’s culture, history and environment is diverse. From the seafaring folk who live on its 3800 km coastline, to its medieval villages and deep forests – this Baltic country has many surprises.

Immerse yourself in Estonian culture, within the medieval city of Tartu. Set to be 2024 European Capital of Culture Tartu is a contrast of relaxing green spaces and lively urban cafes. Grab a beverage and walk along the banks of the Emajõgi River, which flows through Tartu’s centre from the Emajõe-Suursoo Nature Reserve.

Although 50% of Estonia is dense forests and home to rare wildlife (like the Eurasian lynx), beach holidays can be enjoyed too. For instance, visit the old seaside resort of Haapsalu. To experience “the best sun in Estonia” discover unique Pärnu. Its main attraction is large white, sandy beaches.

However, there’s something in Pärnu for everyone! Try a water sport along the Pärnu river such as paddle boarding, before relaxing on the beach or in a spa. To appreciate Pärnu’s forest groves set out to spot the Globe flower, white-tailed bumblebee or even a brown bear!



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Whichever Baltic destination you visit, always pack Free Spirit Travel Insurance as soon as you book.

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