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Top Danish Holidays – Including Denmark’s Legoland

Danish holidays are always going to be a great idea because of the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’. Hygge means to ‘take time away from the daily rush to enjoy the good things in life’. Simply put, when we’re empowered to embrace simplicity and the good parts of life (with people we care about) we feel happier.

So, from understanding Hygge and finding out that the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world, we wanted to share some of the top Danish holiday destinations. Some you may not have even heard of before! For instance, did you know there are 1,419 islands to see in Denmark? For starters, set off for a laid-back break to embrace island life by sailing to the sunny Danish island of Bornholm.

Bornholm for a Danish Island Holiday

Said to be one of Denmark’s best-kept secrets, Bornholm is a Baltic Island where you can discover friendly fishing towns with dramatic coastlines and the Danish culinary scene. Head north to see the island’s rocky coastline and find the calm waters of Opal Lake. Here, you can go swimming in summer and take dramatic photographs in winter. Sample traditional herring in the fishing town of Hasle, or, unexpectedly, Danish wine tasting, at Bornholm’s vineyard, within the country town of Aakirkeby. For a relaxing day head to the long, fine sands at the beach of Dueodde. There is even an opportunity to indulge yourself at a rare Michelin-starred beach shack called Kadeau. If you are an aficionado of fine traditional food, Copenhagen is the place to head to.

Denmark holidays by ferry

Danish Holidays in Copenhagen for cultural city breaks

Copenhagen is classy, cultural, with a great restaurant scene. Innovative Danish dishes of fresh fish, organic hot dogs, and the classic Nordic smørrebrød will delight any foodie. While admiring Copenhagen’s architecture, you’ll note that Dane’s eye for simplicity and functionalism flows throughout the city. There are also great transport links so throughout your stay, navigate easily from the hotel, shop, and restaurant. Or explore a little further. To find one of the prettiest places in Denmark, head to Copenhagen’s manicured Tivoli Gardens. To uncover more of Denmark’s treasures depart from the mainland to Zealand…

Tivoli Gardens


The island of Zealand

Situated halfway between Sweden and Norway within the Baltic Sea, Zealand is a destination of wonders! Also, this is where you’ll find Copenhagen. Outside the capital, there are more wonders to discover. Wander through ancient woodlands and be confronted by six forgotten giants (quirky-looking wooden sculptures) and spot deer in Dyrehaven “the deer park”. Other landmarks in Denmark’s Viking heartland include the famous Frederiksborg castle and the beautiful Møns Klint ‘The Cold Caribbean’. Literature fans will love a trip to the home of Hamlet, Kronborg Castle.

holidays in Zealand

Found on Denmark’s mainland (Jutland) is Aarhus…


As small as some of its Island’s, the Denmark city of Aarhus has a population of just 330,000. However, after being named European Capital of Culture (2017) it’s possible it’s gained a few more residents. All attractions can be found on foot or by bicycle. Relive Danish history within the harbour, by exploring the open-air museum of Den Gamle By, or stroll around cool museums and galleries like ARos. Stop for lunch in the Latin Quarter, full of hidden courtyards and cafes.

For another idyllic town, find Odense, which is 75 minutes from Copenhagen…

museum in Aarhus

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The birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, Odense has a story waiting to be told around every corner! Visit the humble home, fairy-tale spots, and streets from Anderson’s childhood, which inspired his tales. If Anderson is a favourite author of yours – or if you enjoy theatre and concerts – why not visit in August for the HC Andersen Festival? While there, tread down cobbled streets, past historic, colourful, timber-framed homes. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to write your own story. With children? Empower them to release their creative side at the Fyrtøjet Children’s Culture House.

For more even action there is Aalborg…

Danish holidays in Odense


Found on the far north of Jutland, Aalborg is a medieval city where you can learn all about Viking history and 21st– century architecture. As far as Denmark’s landmarks go, Lindholm Hoje is one of the oldest. Here, explore an extensive burial site of stone circles and visit its museum full of 3D animations to learn more. To really immerse yourself in the culture, plan a visit in the last week of May, (which will work well if you holiday with children at half-term), when Scandinavia’s largest carnival takes place. The Aalborg Carnival is a celebration of life, freedom of expression, and the creation of cultural awareness through sharing unique costumes.

If you enjoy a seaside escape, there’s Sealand…

Aalborg Carnival

Danish Holidays in Sealand for beach lovers

If you’re wondering ‘does Denmark have beaches?’ travel an hour north from Copenhagen to find North Sealand’s sandy beaches. Known as the Danish Riviera due to its Scandinavian summer homes and traditional “bathing hotels”, Sealand is a splendid setting for a summer holiday. For water sports like windsurfing, walk down to Lynæs Beach. When with family, swimming at Hornbæk Beach will be popular. To escape the crowds get there early and watch the sunrise. After exploring the sands, you can shop till you drop in Hornbæk’s local boutiques.

Also, open during the summer months from March is Legoland in Billund…

Danish beach holidays

Legoland Billund, Denmark

Legoland Billund Resort is the original and even has a sandy beach! Both adults and children can spend the day in LEGO house, within a world made of 25 million LEGO bricks. During a short break, spend time interacting with different LEGO brick challenges, step into a tropical waterpark called Lalandia Aquadome or feed the camels at Givskud Zoo. To meet more animals and have more fun experiences, walk among the treetops at WOW PARK.

LEGOLAND in Denmark

Free Spirit Travel Insurance for Danish Holidays

We hope we’ve inspired you to plan a European holiday in Denmark, to explore the many Danish holiday destinations. Throughout your holiday you’ll meet some of the happiest people in the world. As a reminder, download our top Danish holiday destinations infographic.

Whichever place in Denmark you venture to, always book a Danish package holiday. This will ensure that all legal protection will be included and your holiday will be protected. Plus, when you take Free Spirit travel insurance, Coronavirus Cover is included too.

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