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Our Free Spirit Team

the Free Spirit Team



Bethany believes she’s a free spirit because she enjoys doing fun things and taking herself outside her comfort zone – when she can. For instance, she loves heights and has done some of the biggest zip wires in the world. At some point, she’d like to jump out of a plane too! When at Free Spirit, Bethany enjoys working alongside the friendly team and speaking with the customers, to help them go on their trips.


Cheryl has 20 years of claims experience in the insurance industry, from dealing with travel insurance and ASU claims. After joining PJH she gained three years of experience in sales, before joining the Broker Support team in 2019. For Cheryl, the most enjoyable aspect of Broker Support is advising different clients and the satisfaction of knowing she has helped them resolve a challenge by guiding them through the correct procedures. Cheryl has recently visited the habitat of beautiful Orangutans, in Borneo.


Ethan was excited to join the Free Spirit team because he wanted to give people the opportunity to go on holiday that might not have been able to – before finding Free Spirit. On the other hand, if he could visit a fictional destination it would be Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizards, (the real one not the one in St. Albans where you can visit the set). He’s read all the Harry Potter books and sees himself as a member of Gryffindor’s house.


Within the first few weeks of joining Free Spirit, James embraced his new working hours (9am – 5pm, Monday-Friday), which were a complete contrast from his previous job. Also, he finds that his role isn’t stressful and the Free Spirit team is really nice! When he’s not with the team at Free Spirit HQ, you can find him watching or playing football with friends at a local park. However, his dream destination is Japan because it has a great culture, with a contrast of blossom trees and city lights.


Jan has held a wide range of jobs including a Bingo Caller, Carer, Playschool Deputy Leader, and both a Team Leader and Trainer, within the retail industry. She decided that the job of Free Spirit Administrator would be a welcome change and has been with Free Spirit since 2007. Jan’s favourite holidays include Canada, trips to the beautiful Greek Islands, and Southern Ireland. Her favourite holiday destination was Ireland because she enjoyed learning about Ireland’s past – Cobh was a highlight. In the future, Jan would love to see the Northern Lights during a Norwegian Cruise.


Jonathan has a solid background in customer service from working for a telephone answering service company. While there, he answered calls for hundreds of companies including Co-op Funeralcare. At Free Spirit, he enjoys working with the people and the company because it is like a big family. Jonathan started in our customer sales call centre and has now progressed to Customer Service manager, overseeing the day-to-day running of the department. In addition, Jonathan has built up good relationships with our underwriters, our broker network, and clients.

Whilst Jonathan’s role is predominantly managing the team, incoming calls are still very much part of his day job. Jonathan is a free spirit because he believes that freedom is something all of us should enjoy. Whether this is choosing to travel, an individual’s beliefs, or the company they wish to keep. His spirit is free to do as he wishes without restraint. By providing the products we offer, it gives many people the opportunity to travel with confidence.


Matt likes being part of the Free Spirit team because he enjoys the conversations he has with both customers and the Free Spirit Team. Before Free Spirit, Matt was a College Lecturer and taught musical theatre, which he’s been passionate about since he was a child. In his spare time, Matt directs theatre at a local musical society and has also been nominated for various drama awards such as Best Amateur Actor at the Guide Awards, Portsmouth. His favourite holidays include visiting inner-city and rural locations with his wife. Most recently they visited Kraków in Poland to explore the salt mines and Auschwitz.


Neil is a Free Spirit because he values experiences and freedom over materialism. After 20 years of living in London, he moved closer to the sea as his ‘free spirit’ craved space and sea air. Plus, amazing sunsets, cycling, paddle-boarding, and fish ‘n’ chips on the beach. While embarking on a Southern Hemisphere round-the-world trip he travelled across South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. However, he’d still like to explore Japan, Iceland, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica.


Patricia was excited to join the Free Spirit team because she was keen to learn new information and meet new people. Outside of Free Spirit, she enjoys watching live music at festivals, for instance, Rebellion Punk Festival. If money and time was no object, Patricia would like to spend more time experiencing different cultures across Europe, The USA, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.


Rob is a senior member of the team. Outside of work, he follows a vegan diet and is currently looking for vegan retreats around the world. Furthermore, he is a seasoned traveller, after visiting Asia and Australasia. He also likes spa retreats.


Rosalind enjoys working at Free Spirit because she likes the feeling of being part of a family while working within the friendly Free Spirit team. Before Free Spirit, Rosalind was a Telephone Mystery Shopper for a Mystery Shopping Company. She has also been a Marketing Consultant and Receptionist. If Rosalind could travel anywhere she would visit the Caribbean.


Rayleigh likes helping people. Before joining Free Spirit she was self-employed as a Mortgage Advisor. For seven years she thoroughly enjoyed helping people who had difficulty obtaining a mortgage. Today, she enjoys helping people travel on holiday when they thought it wasn’t possible. The adventures on Rayleigh’s bucket list include going back to beautiful Thailand and Hong Kong because the food is amazing!


After 14 years working in claims adjusting, before becoming a Surveying Service Assistant, Sue started work at Free Spirit. Sue describes herself as a Dare Devil – a true free spirit. During her holidays, Sue likes to give anything a go, including zip wiring across the mountains in New Zealand. After bringing up two children, Sue enjoys the thrill of a roller coaster with her four Grandchildren, who fondly refer to her as “Nutty Nanny”.


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