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Free Spirit team members


Mary originally worked for a wholesale fruit and vegetable company for 27 years until joining Free Spirit. If she could be transported away, anywhere in the world, she would choose rural China as she has always wanted to go there. Mary would describe herself as a free spirit because she lives life to the full, is very independent and makes her own decisions in life. Plus, she always thinks outside of the box. Alongside that, she has compassion for other people, the world and wildlife.


Jonathan has a solid background in customer service from working for a telephone answering service company. While there, he answered calls for hundreds of companies including Co-op Funeralcare. At Free Spirit, he enjoys working with the people and the company because it is like a big family. Jonathan is a free spirit because he believes that, due to many restrictions that have been lifted, freedom is something all of us should enjoy. Whether this is choosing to travel, an individual’s beliefs or the company they wish to keep. His spirit is free to do as he wishes without restraint.


Jan has held a wide range of jobs including a Bingo Caller, Carer, Playschool Deputy Leader and both a Team Leader and Trainer, within the retail industry. She decided that the job of Free Spirit Administrator would be a welcome change and has been with Free Spirit since 2007. Jan’s favourite holidays include Canada, trips to the beautiful Greek Islands and Southern Ireland. Her favourite holiday destination was Ireland because she enjoyed learning about Ireland’s past – Cobh was a highlight. In the future, Jan would love to see the Northern Lights during a Norwegian Cruise.


Rob is a senior member of the team. Outside of work, he follows a vegan diet and is currently looking for vegan retreats around the world. Furthermore, he is a seasoned traveller, after visiting Asia and Australasia. He also likes spa retreats.


After 14 years working in claims adjusting, before becoming a Surveying Service Assistant, Sue started work at Free Spirit. Sue describes herself as a Dare Devil – a true free spirit. During her holidays, Sue likes to give anything a go, including zip wiring across the mountains in New Zealand. After bringing up two children, Sue enjoys the thrill of a roller coaster with her four Grandchildren, who fondly refer to her as “Nutty Nanny”.


Before Free Spirit, Jessica was a college student, studying history, archaeology and film, while working in a supermarket. She started working at Free Spirit in August 2018. During her working day, Jessica finds learning about different medical conditions fascinating. She gains job satisfaction when she knows she has helped someone. Jessica is a free spirit because she can face each challenge life throws at her. Also, she does not let things get her down, due to her happy go lucky nature. If she could travel anywhere, Jessica would go back in time to Ancient Greece or Rome.


Prior to Free Spirit Sophie was a Sailing Instructor on the Isle of Wight. At Free Spirit, she enjoys bringing together quotes for individuals who struggle to find the right insurance and thus, providing them with the relief that they can fulfil their travel plans – despite having a medical condition. Sophie is a free spirit because she is very independent and has a positive attitude towards life. She always strives for a new challenge and has recently renovated a trawler boat with her partner, transforming it into a new home. It is this proactive attitude that makes Sophie a free spirit.


Rosalind enjoys working at Free Spirit because she likes the feeling of being part of a family while working within the friendly Free Spirit team. Before Free Spirit, Rosalind was a Telephone Mystery Shopper for a Mystery Shopping Company. She has also been a Marketing Consultant and Receptionist. If Rosalind could travel anywhere she would visit the Caribbean.


Matt likes being part of the Free Spirit team because he enjoys the conversations he has with both customers and the Free Spirit Team. Before Free Spirit, Matt was a College Lecturer and taught musical theatre, which he’s been passionate about since a child. In his spare time, Matt directs theatre at a local musical society and has also been nominated for various drama awards such as Best Amateur Actor at the Guide Awards, Portsmouth. His favourite holidays include visiting inner-city and rural locations with his wife. Most recently they visited Kraków in Poland to explore the salt mines and Auschwitz.


Marian used to be part of a team who looked after a set number of clients at the largest multinational claims company in the public sector when she lived in South Africa. Her clients included Samsung, ABB and Liberty Properties. Marian describes herself as “A Homebody”. Her favourite holidays are spent with family, visiting mountainous areas in South Africa. She would also love a train holiday across the Rockies in Canada.

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