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Policy Documents

Download the Insurance Policy using the link below.

Read a summary of the cover we can provide specifically in relation to Coronavirus here.

For policies purchased from March 7th 2023:


For policies purchased from 15th November 2021:

Insurance Policy 2021/22 PDF

For policies purchased from 7th July 2021, after 5pm

Insurance Policy 2021/22 PDF

For policies purchased from 26th August 2020:

Insurance Policy 2020/21 PDF

For policies purchased between 18.03.2020 and 30.06.2020:

Insurance Policy 2020

For policies purchased between 30.06.2018 and 17.03.2020:



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    I needed a Travel Policy that was going to cover me and the family for my recent trip to Turkey and also provide cover for my medical condition. I cho…
    C. TomsWorthing

Last updated: 15th November 2021

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