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Coronavirus Cover is Included with a Free Spirit Policy

Coronavirus cover is included with Free Spirit policies if an insured person has to cancel their trip due to being taken ill with or testing positive for Coronavirus.

Free Spirit Coronavirus Cover Levels:

1. Super cover – up to £3,000
2. Super Duper cover – up to £6,000

This is in addition to the existing cover as summarised below:

  • Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses, found in section B1, B2 & B3 of the policy.

3. Emergency medical and associated expenses up to £15m.
4. Repatriation home if considered medically necessary.
5. Additional travel and accommodation expenses.
6. Additional cover on your return home following hospitalisation abroad.
7. UK trip Non-Medical Cover: up to £10,000 for non-medical and other expenses incurred within the UK.

  • Overseas Hospital Benefit, found in section C of the policy.

For each insured person this cover will pay as specified in your policy schedule, under your selected cover option:

8. £30 per 24 hours up to £1,000 Super cover
9. £50 per 24 hours up to £1,500 Super Duper cover

This is payable if you’re admitted as a hospital in-patient in a public hospital abroad during the period of your trip. It’s in addition to the fees and charges paid under Section B1 A Emergency medical and associated expenses.


Important FCDO Advice in relation to Coronavirus

Remember that there’s no cover if you travel against the government or other regulatory authority advice. The most relevant body in the UK is the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and you can see specific advice for every country on the FCDO travel advice page.

If your travel provider intends to run your holiday as planned, we would urge you to insist that the dates are moved, as we cannot cover you if you travel while the FCDO advises against non-essential travel. However, if the FCDO advises against your chosen destination, read here about a product that can cover you.

Free Spirit policies include coronavirus cover, which allows you to travel abroad safe in the knowledge that you have cover in place if you should fall ill with COVID.

From making continuous developments to our cover levels, to ensure it’s best suited to travel (both in the UK and overseas), we can assure you that our Free Spirit policies will provide Coronavirus cover to protect you if you catch coronavirus outside the UK.

We believe that everyone has the right to travel, no matter their age or medical condition. So when the government states it’s safe to travel, we can give you the confidence to do so.



Which Free Spirit policies include Coronavirus Cover?

All live policies:
Annual Multi-trip policies
Single trip policies
Family travel insurance

Am I covered with a Free Spirit policy in the UK?

All our policies include Coronavirus cover as standard if an insured person has to cancel their trip due to being taken ill with or testing positive for Coronavirus. Learn more about our UK Holiday Insurance policy here.

What am I not covered for with Free Spirit Coronavirus Cover?

Section B1

  • Any payment when you are in a private hospital or clinic.
  • No cover will be provided for state hospital benefit if it’s not mentioned in the policy conditions or exclusions.
  • Any costs of Coronavirus testing, unless you are admitted to hospital as an inpatient.

Section C

There is no cover under this insurance:

  • For unrecoverable costs unless you provide evidence that you have been unable to travel to or enter any country because you have tested positive for Coronavirus. You must provide the result of a test carried out by a testing provider who has self-certified as meeting the UK Government’s minimum standards for general population testing services.
  • For any unrecoverable costs if you are unable to provide evidence from a doctor confirming that you have contracted Coronavirus;
  • If you cancelled your trip because:

you chose to quarantine or isolate as a result of exposure to an infectious or contagious disease including Coronavirus; or

you simply did not want to travel or had a fear of travelling.


For more information download and read the Free Spirit policy in full.

Read a summary of the cover we can provide specifically in relation to Coronavirus here.


Coronavirus Travel Rules

When you travel abroad always ensure you understand the:



Coronavirus Cover FAQS

We have prepared some FAQs to guide you through some of the questions and concerns you may have related to your travel insurance:

Am I insured if I travel against the advice of the FCDO?

A Free Spirit policy will not provide cover if you decide to travel against the advice of the FCDO. This would be for ‘All Travel’.   

Will my policy cover medical treatment for the Coronavirus? And will repatriation be covered?

If you catch Coronavirus or require medical treatment, then yes cover will be in place for emergency and necessary treatment. Customers should be aware that our policies are travel insurance policies and not private medical insurance meaning that there is no cover for any medical expenses incurred in private medical facilities if we have confirmed that medically capable public facilities are available.

Please contact our Emergency Medical Assistance Team if you require medical treatment on: (0)208 159 1702

Our policies will provide cover for repatriation (bringing you home) that is medically necessary. Our Assistance Team will liaise with your treating doctor(s) about your treatment plan and if required obtain a ‘fit to fly’ certificate. We also liaise with you and advise on, and put in place, suitable repatriation plans to get you home as soon as it is medically safe to do so in order to achieve your optimal recovery. Our team are unable to make arrangements to repatriate you where it is against local advice, where travel is restricted or where you would pose a risk to other passengers.

What cover is available under my policy in relation to Coronavirus?

This policy will ONLY provide cover for claims as a result of pandemic and/ or epidemic, including but not limited to Coronavirus (Covid-19) within the following sections:

B1. Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses

Our policy provides cover for Emergency Medical expenses if an insured person contracts Coronavirus whilst abroad.

Sections A – Cancellation and C – Curtailment/Loss of Holiday

If it is necessary and unavoidable to cancel or cut short your trip because an insured person tests positive for Coronavirus or is admitted to hospital due to testing positive for coronavirus after the purchase of this policy.

If I am stuck abroad due to the Coronavirus and cannot come home on my planned return date, will my travel insurance be extended to cover me until I can get home?

Cover may be extended for the following reasons:

If you are hospitalised, require medical treatment and are unable to fly.
If your transport is disrupted or delayed.
If you cannot return home for any reason beyond your control

Please read the policy wording for more information on this.

Am I covered if I have to quarantine when I come home for financial loss etc?

Unfortunately, there is no cover for any losses as a result of enforced quarantine.

If I am quarantined abroad due to the Coronavirus, what cover is in place?

If you are admitted to hospital your policy will usually provide assistance with returning home when you have been discharged.

Please contact our Emergency Medical Assistance Team on (0)208 159 1702 if you are admitted to hospital.

If you are confined to your trip accommodation your policy may contribute towards the cost of food and additional accommodation, some may also include the additional costs of getting home. We would ask that you check your specific policy wording for more information on this.

What happens if I arrive at my holiday destination and they refuse entry due to the virus?

If you travel to an area which the FCDO advise against travel to, there would be no cover under the travel insurance policies as this would be considered as a known event.

If you travel to an area and the FCDO advice changes after leaving home, you should contact your travel agent or tour operator for information on the availability of flights or refunds in the first instance.

If you are refused entry at passport/border control, you should contact your airline or transport provider to arrange to change your return ticket to allow you to come home early.

Am I covered for travel disruption caused by the Coronavirus?

If you are unable to return home on your planned please refer to your Policy Wording for full details.

If I go out on an excursion for the day and then am not allowed back to my travel accommodation (or cruise ship) due to quarantine, what cover do I have?

You should follow any instructions issued by the local authorities as it is more than likely that you will have to enter some form of quarantine.

Travelers should contact their travel agent or tour operator for assistance in the first instance.

Can I extend my cover if I am currently on a trip?

If, as a result of an infectious or contagious disease, you are unable to return to the UK as planned, due to:

a) a country closing their borders and/or
b) the cancellation or delay of your booked public transport

and as a result, you wish to extend coverage under your current policy, please contact Customer Services on: 02392 419 080.

We will need full details of your circumstances, to allow us to consider any such request. Please be aware, that all such extension requests will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.

Transfer of trips

We can only accept changes if the new trip date meets the requirements as set by our insurers. If we are able to make a change on the original policy and there is a change of destination or duration or your health has changed then you may be required to pay an additional premium.

If we are unable to make an amendment to your original policy we will advise of the options available to you.

Please contact Customer Services on: 02392 419 080.

If I have a stop-over in an area which the FCDO advises against travel to, am I still covered?

We would suggest that if you have not started that part of your journey you contact your airline to change your travel plans to move on to the next part of your itinerary.

If you arrive at your stop-over airport and entry is denied due to the virus you should contact your airline to change your travel plans to move on to the next part of your itinerary.

What can I do with my policy if I am no longer travelling and have received a refund for my holiday?

For Single Trip policies:

If you cancel the policy at any time after the 14-day cooling off period, you will be entitled to a refund of the premium paid, subject to a deduction of 30% for the cancellation cover you have received.

 For Annual Multi-trip policies:

You will be entitled to a refund of a proportion of the premium, in accordance with the amounts shown below.

Period of Cover Refund Due

Up to two months 60%
Up to three months 50%
Up to four months 40%
Up to five months 30%
Up to six months 25%
Six months or over No refund

* Important- Applicable to all policies

We will not refund any premium if you have travelled since the policy started, or if you have made or if you intend to make a claim or an incident has occurred which is likely to give rise to a claim.

If you wish to discuss this with us, please give us a call on: 02392 419 080.


Our general advice to policy-holders is:

  • Take guidance as provided by the FCDO and adhere to its advice.
  • View the latest information and advice for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus from the Department of Health and Social Care.
  • Follow any travel restrictions that are advised by any government or public/health authority you’re visiting.
  • Book with a tour operator or provider that can provide access to discounted testing kits.
  • Purchase a package trip because legal protection will be included and your holiday will be protected.
  • To speak with your travel provider regarding any possible change(s) to your travel itinerary.
  • Continue to monitor any further advice as may be provided.
  • To get through airport security quicker by print everything on paper, so it can be easily checked and scanned.
  • The National Travel Health Network and Centre has also produced general advice on preparing for foreign travel and how individuals can help reduce the spread of respiratory viruses during the COVID-19 outbreak.


7 Web Pages for Information about Travel and Coronavirus:

coronavirus cover

  1. World Health Organisation coronavirus information & updates page
  2. Why Do We Need a COVID Vaccine Passport For Travel?
  3. Your COVID Travel Guide for an Anxiety Free Holiday
  4. Where can I travel after the COVID vaccine?
  5. Travel With Confidence With Free Spirit’s Safe Travel Advice
  6. Where Can I Travel While Restrictions Are In Place?
  7. Worldometer coronavirus global statistics


Although we have the freedom to travel once more, Coronavirus has not gone away. Therefore, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates if and when they arise.

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