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How Free Spirit Provides Helpful Customer Service

Helpful customer service is something we focus upon during our training and when we interact with each customer. Here’s a case study to illustrate how the Free Spirit team provides helpful customer service…

Mr. Elliot is enjoying life in his early 20’s. He lives with learning disabilities and some health issues.

With a UK holiday planned for this summer, his mother sought out a travel insurance company, which would cover people with disabilities. When looking for the best policy, they required cover for special needs, a range of disabilities, and health issues. By using Google Search, she soon found Free Spirit Travel Insurance, which could cover all of her son’s disabilities and health conditions.

Free Spirit was able to give Mr. Elliot and his family the freedom to travel on holiday because the UK Free Spirit Policy covered all the basics. Plus, they had the security that they’d all be covered if there was a problem. A bonus was that the policy was very reasonably priced.

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Quote from Mr. Elliot’s mother

“My adult son has learning disabilities plus health issues. I have got holiday insurance from this company for a few years now for him. Easy to use online services for quotes and purchasing insurance…Very reasonably priced insurance. Plus, they’re always helpful if you have to speak to them. I have had to claim once, and it was all very smooth and easy to claim – a fast turnaround as well. Thank you.”

Sue, Free Spirit’s Customer Service Supervisor explained:

“Our scripts and training process are compliant with the rules and regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. We help our customers through the medical screening process by removing the insurance jargon from our scripts to ensure they understand what they’re being asked. This ensures the customer journey is smooth and provides clarity.

We’re real people who listen to and engage with a number of customers each day, who may have a number of health conditions. It’s our job to be patient, pinpoint their requirements, and find a way to give them the freedom to travel.  We aim to treat customers fairly and provide them with a specialised policy in line with their health conditions or disabilities.”

In essence, we were able to help Mr. Elliot because our Free Spirit UK travel insurance policy provides cover for people with a range of disabilities and health conditions – whatever their age. Overall, Free Spirit gives everyone the protection to travel with confidence.

You can view all the key features and benefits of taking out a Free Spirit policy here.

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Here are a few more reviews which illustrate our helpful customer service

“Really helpful agent who walked me through the whole process – always more challenging with an adult with disabilities. It is great that I have been able to secure reasonable insurance for my special needs daughter.” By Julia Marson.

“Helpful, listened to our questions, explained how we had to answer all the questions. Found what we needed. Very pleasant and understanding. Will be happy to use Free Spirit again.” Mrs. Edna Mansfield.

“Customer service was very good. Phone response was prompt and patient understanding of the medical conditions when they didn’t exactly fit the ‘tick box’ and computer say ‘no’, meant everything was logged honestly…” By Richard Charsley.

To view all the reviews our customers have left us, visit our page on Trustpilot.


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