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How do I Choose the Right Travel Medical Insurance?

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Travel medical insurance enables you to travel if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Whether that is a holiday, a weekend break or a trip to visit friends and family, we believe that everyone should be free from travel without the risk of being under-insured while you are out there. However, it can be quite … Read more

Why it’s vital to declare mental health conditions on your travel insurance

Mental health conditions

Mental health conditions are extremely common. In fact, if you haven’t experienced a condition such as depression or anxiety yourself, chances are you know someone who has – approximately 25 per cent of the UK population will deal with a mental health problem each year, according to the charity Mind. The pace and pressure of … Read more

How much does travel insurance cost to go to the United States?

US Flag holiday insurance

The cost of travel insurance depends on a number of different factors, from your destination and the duration of your time away, to your age and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities. This way, specialist travel insurance providers like Free Spirit can provide* the cover you need, whether you’re heading to Paris … Read more

Tips for Travelling with People with Dementia

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Dementia is an umbrella term that describes cerebral (brain) conditions that cause a progressive loss of brain function. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, other types include vascular dementia and mixed dementia. All forms of the condition cause confusion, memory loss and problems with speech and comprehension. The Alzheimer’s Society states that … Read more

How much does Travel Insurance cost to go to Europe?

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When we need it, travel insurance feels invaluable. It’s there to save us from the financial burden of unexpected problems on holiday, whether that’s a medical emergency, a flare-up of an existing health condition, or simply a delayed flight. At Free Spirit, we make every effort to provide specialist travel insurance that covers the vast … Read more

How will travel after Brexit be impacted?

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UK travellers love to holiday in Europe. Every type of trip is on offer, from a last-minute weekend away to a fortnight in the sun. What’s more, the short flight times and ample airport connections mean travel times are shorter than they have ever been. But, with just months to go until the UK is … Read more

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