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Travel insurance for people with kidney failure

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a long-term health condition where the kidneys stop working as well as they should. In some people, CKD can worsen over time, and the advanced stage – where the kidneys stop working completely – is called kidney failure.

In most cases, kidney failure happens as a result of other health issues that have caused gradual damage to the kidneys over time. The condition can also lead to other problems around the body, including heart attacks and strokes.

If you have kidney failure it’s important that you have the right kind of travel insurance in place – so should anything go wrong, you’re not left out of pocket.

Unlike most travel insurance providers, we offer specialist travel insurance policies that cover long-term and existing health conditions, including kidney failure.

Why do I need specialist travel insurance for kidney failure?

Travel insurance is a must if you’re going away on holiday, more so if you have an existing medical condition.  It means that should something go wrong – whether it’s a medical emergency or an accident – you’re fully covered*.  Not all travel insurance policies are suitable for those with serious health conditions. However, if you have, or have had, kidney failure, you’ll need specialist cover.

Kidney disease increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks and strokes. If something like this were to happen during your holiday, you’d require immediate emergency medical attention that would likely cost a significant amount of money. Medical travel insurance like ours can cover these costs so you’re not left with a huge bill to pay*.

Travel insurance for medical conditions like kidney failure will also cover you against holiday cancellation. So, if you fall ill before your trip and have to cancel, you don’t lose any money*. Your travelling party can be included too.

How do I get specialist travel insurance?

Here at Free Spirit, we provide medical travel insurance tailored to the needs of people with existing health conditions, including CKD and, more specifically, kidney failure. Our policies cover emergency medical care you might need on holiday, as well as cancellation cover if you can’t travel due to unforeseen medical change. What’s more, our policies are available to people of all ages, and arranging your cover is easy.

The first step involves us asking you a few questions about your medical history regarding chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. Then, with all this information to hand, we can provide a quote and arrange a policy that meets your needs perfectly.

Questions you might be asked during the medical screening process include:

  • How often are you being monitored for your kidney problem?
  • Are you on dialysis?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions for this problem have you had in the last year?
  • Have you had a kidney transplant?
  • Are you currently awaiting a kidney transplant?
  • How long is it since you had your transplant?
  • Have you had any episodes of rejection within the last year?

Why choose Free Spirit for kidney failure travel insurance?

We strive to give all our customers the peace of mind they need to enjoy their holidays, stress-free. That’s why we tailor medical travel insurance in such detail and walk you through every step of the process – from going through the cover benefits, providing a quote and arranging cover. We also have an in-house Claims team in case you need to put in a claim.

Other reasons to choose Free Spirit insurance for your next trip, include:

  • No upper age limit on a single trip and annual multi-trip policies
  • A choice of two cover options: Super and Super Duper
  • Single trips are covered for up to 94 days (for persons aged 76 years and over the maximum duration is 45 days)
  • Annual multi-trip policies provide cover for an unlimited number of trips – and you can travel for up to 31 days per trip (Super) and 45 days (Super Duper)
  • Extended journey disruption**
  • Cover provided for loss or damage to medical aids and any prescribed medication you have for your kidney disease/failure
  • Dedicated 24-hour emergency medical assistance helpline always available to help when you need it most

**Included with Super Duper cover only

Tips for travelling with kidney disease

A holiday will no doubt help you relax with a change of scenery. You must, however, prepare properly for your trip, and that means taking a few extra precautions.

First and foremost, speak to your doctor before you go. They’ll be able to offer advice and make any necessary changes to your medication. It may be that they need to provide a formal note to accompany your medicine while you travel to some countries.

If you’re on dialysis, you’ll need to keep your appointments going while you’re away – be sure to research the facilities available at your destination and make contact in advance to ensure there’s space for you. Be prepared to be flexible with locations and dates, as some places are better equipped than others.

Take all of your medical information with you in case you need any emergency treatment while away, and be sure to stay hydrated – a lack of fluids can cause the kidneys to deteriorate faster.

More information on travelling with chronic kidney disease can be found on the NHS website.

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Please note: In some cases, a quotation is not available online and you will be asked to telephone us to see if we can provide cover.

*Cover is subject to the terms, conditions and limits of the Insurance Policy.

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