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Dee & Graham: given the freedom to travel by Free Spirit

Dee Marquette-Slight and her husband Graham have always loved to travel. All their lives they have enjoyed exploring new places and travelling extensively all over the world. However, in October 2014 Dee and Graham had to cancel many trips that they had planned when Dee was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer. This is a rare form … Read more

When to buy medical travel insurance

Any kind of trip or holiday away from home requires planning, but if you have a pre-existing medical condition or disability, you may have more to organise than other travellers. Securing specialist travel insurance that covers your particular condition or disability before you go is a must, but when is the right time to think … Read more

Mary Holt answers your FAQs about specialist travel insurance

When it comes to needing specialist travel insurance to cover your specific medical condition(s), we are only too aware of how many questions this can trigger. Whether it’s understanding what the insurance covers or knowing how the medical screening process works, we believe it’s important to help answer all your questions so you have all … Read more

Top tips for over 80’s travel

With more free time and generally fewer responsibilities, your latter years are perfect for seeing the world and the travel industry is finally picking up on this. An increasing number of travel companies and organisations are catering for the “mature traveller”. While big steps have been made to help improve services for older travellers, it … Read more

Comparing medical travel insurance

Medical travel insurance for a holiday should be as tailored to you as possible. If you have an existing medical condition or disability, it’s even more important that your travel insurance is specialist and wide-ranging, and includes every aspect of cover you may need. That way, you can get on with the important task of … Read more

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