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Meet the team

Pictured from left to right, Wendy Harley, Rob Pybus, Jan Smith, Lauren Kennedy, Margaret Martin, Eileen Chappell, Mary Holt, Sophia Brooks, Tracy Workman-Richards, Rob Joyce, Emma Wallis, Paula Jeffery, James Kitchingham, Jonathan Swatton.

Mary Holt

Mary is Free Spirit’s Manager who joined the company in 2000. On the 5th September 2014, Mary was recognised for her hard work and dedication by being awarded the UK Broker ‘Unsung Hero’ Award 2014. The judges were moved by Mary’s tireless pursuit to help medically ill people get travel insurance.
Much of Mary’s work involves delivering insurance solutions to people struggling to purchase travel insurance due to health problems. Mary’s empathy with clients is unprecedented.

When Mary is not at work she loves spending time with her large close knit family and enjoys socialising with her work colleagues over a glass of wine.

South Africa is one of the many places Mary has travelled to and yet returns years after year to Turkey where she has made many friends.

Betina Carter

Betina joined the Free Spirit team in 1999 having previously worked in sales, medical screening, claims and medical assistance roles within the insurance industry.

She was promoted to senior medical screening co-ordinator/supervisor in 2003 and her duties include overseeing the day to day operation of the Free Spirit and Direct Sales team, after sales and training.

Betina is from Australia and therefore enjoys a BBQ with friends. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and hopes to one day cross Russia and Siberia on the Trans-Siberian railway.

Jan Smith

Jan has worked in a wide range of jobs including being a Bingo Caller, a Carer and a playschool Deputy Leader and also as Team Leaders and Trainers in retail organisations.

Jan decided the job of Free Spirit Administrator would be a welcome change and subsequently joined the team in 2007. Jan has recently been promoted to Senior Support Assistant and is an integral part of the team.

Trips abroad have been to Europe including Crete recently and will soon be jetting off to Canada to celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary.

Jonathan Swatton

Jonathan joined Free Spirit and Customer Sales in July 2014, coming from a customer service background.

He has become a popular member of the team and has been able to develop his customer service skills into a new field of medical travel insurance. He is now a fully trained member of the team with a good knowledge of the Free Spirit product.

When he’s not at work Jonathan enjoys socialising with his friends and family and travelling. Some of the places Jonathan has visited include the Canary Islands and France.

Lauren Kennedy

Lauren joined the Free Spirit team in March 2013, after completing her studies at University and gaining a 2:1 degree in Film Studies with communication, Media and Culture.

Previous work has included working for a swimming supplies shop and as a life guard; she is a keen swimmer and swam for her County.

Lauren has travelled the world extensively with her parents spending her first birthday in Australia. In a university gap year she spent 6 months travelling including visits to Bali, Thailand and Fiji.

Eileen Chappell

Eileen has been with the company since 1998 starting work in the claims department. In November 2007 she transferred to the Free Spirit team and is highly valued member of the team.

She has extensive experience in customer service roles, previously working within the Claims team and has held customer service management positions within the retail industry.

Eileen diary is always full of social events with family and friends and goes walking at weekends to relax. Recent holidays have taken her to Edinburgh and will be travelling to Rome later in the year.

Margaret Martin

Maggie joined the company in October 2011 and soon after became a popular member of the team.
She has worked with in various roles before joining Free Spirit and has an extensive knowledge of customer service skills.

Maggie has family and grandchildren in the U.S.A and always looks forward to visiting them.

Sophia Brooks

Sophia joined Free Spirit in August 2014 having previously worked for Cega in their first response team assisting travellers with emergency medical assistance abroad. She has also held various positions with in the Financial Services industry.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys nothing more than a good book to read.
Sophia loves travelling and has recently returned from a trip to Rome and Venice. She is keen to continue her travels hoping to visit other European cities as well as New York.

Tracey Workman-Richards

Tracey joined the company in September 2015 from a travel insurance back ground with Age UK.
Other previous work includes being a crew member on both airlines and ships and as a travel consultant booking leisure and business trips.

Travel remains at her heart and she enjoys nothing more than exploring new and exciting destinations both worldwide and within the UK. Favourite destinations include Dominican Republic and Skiathos and hopes one day to travel to Thailand.

Wendy Harley

Wendy has been with Free Spirit since 2005 and divides her working time between Free Spirit/ Direct Sales and HR.

She enjoys road trips in her partner’s vintage car and likes nothing more than socialising with family and friends and thinks of herself as a ‘Lambrini Girl’.

Wendy has travelled extensively throughout Europe and further afield to the Maldives and will soon be travelling by train to Switzerland.

Paula Jeffery

Paula is a long standing member of the Free Spirit team.

Travelling around Europe is one of her favourite past times and recent trips have been to Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Paula also enjoys keeping fit with friends and work colleagues and takes part in a Spinning class every day.

Rob Joyce

Rob joined the company in September 2015 and has 8 years of experience in Customer Service which includes providing Executive Support for the UK’s largest airline.

Rob enjoys computers, technology and cycling. He is currently looking forward to travelling to Dubai soon to visit a relative.

James Kitchingham

James joined the company in October 2015 having previously worked within an International medical assistance / travel insurance company. He graduated from the University of Lincoln with a degree in Law (LLB) then went on to work within the mental health sector before traveling throughout Latin America.

James has a keen interest in learning new languages, literature and an aptitude for further globetrotting.

Rob Pybus

Having been with the company for 3 years, Rob is an integral part of the team.

Rob is a seasoned traveller previously taking in Asia and Australasia. His last major trip was to Las Vegas to be married followed by a honeymoon in Canada.

Rob also enjoys holidays in this country as long as there is a decent hike to be taken in before, or after lunch.

Emma Wallis

Emma joined the company in September 2013 having previously worked in a chocolate factory, as a chef’s assistant and as a carer.

France, Italy, Menorca and Tunisia are just some of the destinations Emma has visited and is keen to travel more extensively one day.