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Your medical travel insurance checklist

Preparing for a holiday often means stocking up on sun cream and paperbacks. However, if you’re counting down the days until your next trip, there’s one element of holiday planning that’s arguably more important than any other – travel insurance. What’s more, travel cover is even more important for people with pre-existing medical conditions or … Read moreYour medical travel insurance checklist

Ten amazing travel experiences for 2018

Much as we love a beach holiday or a relaxing cruise, there’s definitely something about a trip that involves a little more adventure. Every so often, it can be incredibly rewarding to experience something different in a beautiful and exciting part of the world. Holidays are more varied now than ever before, and professional guided … Read moreTen amazing travel experiences for 2018

Gilly & Jonathan: Medical conditions don’t have to stop you from travelling

It goes without saying that having a medical condition, or a combination of different conditions, can be stressful. What can make it even harder is when they make it more difficult to enjoy one of our best loved times – our holidays. This is the situation Gilly and Jonathon found themselves facing in 2016. They … Read moreGilly & Jonathan: Medical conditions don’t have to stop you from travelling

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