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Travel Insurance for Blood Cancer

Everyone deserves a holiday or even just a city break now and then. However, if you’ve just been diagnosed with blood cancer, have recently finished treatment, or are in remission you may find it challenging to get the specialist cancer travel insurance you need.

As some blood cancer patients may require emergency medical treatment while away, or may even need to be brought home early due to their condition, it is understandable why so many people struggle to get cover for cancer on their standard travel insurance.

Having a severe medical condition such as blood cancer shouldn’t stop you from travelling, as long as you find the correct travel insurance for your specific health and travel needs. Blood cancer holiday insurance is essential, as becoming ill abroad can be expensive without the right insurance cover and you could be left out of pocket!

Free Spirit has helped thousands of blood cancer patients enjoy a much-needed holiday. Whether you’re considering an active holiday, a Caribbean cruise with loved ones, a spiritual adventure, or just relaxing by a hotel pool, our blood cancer travel insurance can provide you with the cover you and your travelling companions need.

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How to apply

We know that there are many types of blood cancer, with each one having different symptoms, treatments, and prognoses from the other, depending on the severity of the blood cancer.

Some of the blood cancers Free Spirit Travel Insurance covers:

Whichever blood cancer you’re living with, if you have received medical treatment, complementary and alternative therapies (or not), we’ll look at each case individually to provide you with the best cover available.

Obtaining an instant quote for blood cancer travel insurance could not be easier than our fully interactive website includes online medical screening.

Please note we understand these conditions vary greatly, therefore you will only be asked questions that are appropriate to your condition.

We’ll ask you some questions about your type of blood cancer so you can get the cover that’s right for you:

  • Within the last 5 years, have you been treated (including prescribed medication) for any type of cancer?
  • How long ago was the initial diagnosis of blood cancer made?
  • How long ago was your last cancer treatment for this condition?
  • Was the blood cancer completely surgically removed after the diagnosis?
  • Are you currently having any treatment and/or is any planned?

Some people prefer to talk to us

Free Spirit has a dedicated UK-based customer service team to answer any questions you may have. We understand that some medical conditions can be complicated and you may prefer to talk to a friendly voice instead. You can call us on 02392 419 080 and your call will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Why choose Free Spirit blood cancer travel insurance?

  • No upper age limit on Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip
  • Choice of two cover options – Super and Super Duper
  • Single trips covered up to 94 days*
  • Annual Multi-trip provides an unlimited number of trips – travel up to 32 days per trip (Super) and 45 days (Super Duper)*
  • Journey disruption / Airspace closure cover
  • Loss or damage to medical aids and prescribed blood cancer medications

*Terms and conditions may apply

Why cover your blood cancer before you travel?

What would you do if you had to cancel your holiday because of your blood cancer? How would you feel if you hadn’t purchased adequate insurance to cover your medical condition and you were unable to claim back any pre-paid costs? Some standard travel policies may offer cover for cancer and they may seem like a good deal, however, do not be fooled! It is unlikely they will include the insurance protection you need so it is always worth checking your Insurance Policy to make sure.

Another great idea is to add travelling companions to your policy; they could be your friends, family members, or even your carer. They too can claim if you needed to cancel your holiday because of your medical condition or if it had to be cut short while away because you became unwell.

Get a professional medical opinion

Your doctor or treating consultant should be able to advise on the best time to head off for a holiday, perhaps because of a gap in blood cancer treatment or before chemotherapy is due to start. They can also discuss how you’re likely to feel at the time and advise against countries that may not be suitable. Time differences can affect when you need to take your medication, so you can put a plan together to ensure you won’t be left feeling unwell. You may also need a letter from your doctor advising you are fit for travel but remember to speak to them well in advance, don’t leave it until the last minute.

Getting your EHIC and UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) ready

If you decide to travel within the EU, carry an up-to-date European Health Insurance Card or apply for a GHIC card. This allows you to get state healthcare at a reduced cost, or even for free, should you fall ill or have an accident abroad. The card is free through the NHS website. However, EHIC and GHIC cards do not replace travel insurance so it’s important to have blood cancer travel insurance too.

Air travel and blood cancer

If you are happy to let the airline carrier know of your condition a few weeks beforehand they may allow you to check in early and offer you priority boarding. Perhaps see if you can get access to the airline’s lounge to relax before the flight if you’re travelling long haul. Also, discuss any blood cancer medication you may need to take in your hand luggage. If you need to keep your medication cool explain you’ll have a cool pack, and talk about any security issues that may arise from carrying your medication.

Documents and medication

Always keep your travel insurance documents with you wherever you go. It’ll make life easier should you need emergency medical assistance. Take enough medication for your trip, as well as a few days extra too just in case you have any delays on your return trip. Also, consider keeping a list of any blood cancer medications you are on including their generic and brand name in case you need emergency supplies.

For advice on how to pack your medication and more travel tips to choose a holiday that shouldn’t provoke any symptoms view this informative blog on the Blood Cancer UK website.

Keeping fit and well on holiday.

Try to make sure you eat a good diet and drink plenty of bottled water to avoid any travel bugs. Avoid ice in drinks if it’s made using tap water, and steer well clear of food left out – flies carry all manner of bacteria. Make sure your meals are cooked properly and are hot right through in the case of meat and fish. As tempting as lazing on a sun lounger can seem, try to keep out of the sun, especially during the heat of the day between 11:00 and 15:00 in most European countries. A stroll along the beach while the sun is setting can be just as good for the body as it is for the mind.

Peace of mind

Here at Free Spirit, we are dedicated to offering you not just an excellent standard of service but an insurance cover that will ensure you have immediate peace of mind protection. We are one of the UK’s largest specialist travel insurance providers for people with medical conditions including all types of cancer. We pride ourselves on helping people that have not been able to get cover elsewhere.

Please read the Insurance Policy for the full terms and conditions of this specialist medical travel insurance cover to make sure it’s suitable for your needs.

Travelling soon?

For more travel tips and advice when travelling abroad, refer to the Anthony Nolan website.

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