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Affordable cover for Dementia travel insurance

Here at Free Spirit, we understand how beneficial a foreign holiday could be for you and your family. We understand that travel is still important to people suffering from dementia and other cerebral conditions and that’s why we ensure people of any age.

Important reasons for insuring your medical condition

Travel and accommodation costs will still need to be paid for in the event you need to cancel your holiday. However if you have purchased a Free Spirit policy and covered your dementia, we can provide the cover you need to claim back the costs for your unused travel and accommodation charges that you have already paid for or are contracted to pay. Also, should you be unfortunate enough to need emergency medical treatment during your holiday, Free Spirit can provide the necessary cover for expensive medical bills.

If you have a carer or require someone to travel with you, even family members or friends can be covered on Free Spirit, whether they have a pre-existing medical condition or not. In the event you had to cancel your holiday due to your dementia, travelling companions/carers on the same policy would also be covered which may not be the case if they had taken out a separate policy elsewhere.

Please note, we are not able to offer an Annual Multi-trip policy. Our Single Trip policy covers individual trips of up to 94 days, although, for persons aged 76 years and over, the maximum duration is 45 days. If you are travelling for a trip longer than 45 days and you are aged 76 or over, please call us on 02392 419 080. 

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Planning your holiday

Travelling abroad should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. However, someone with dementia might find a new environment confusing and may cause undue distress. A travel companion may be so concerned about giving the person with dementia a great holiday, they forget to relax and enjoy the holiday themselves. For these reasons, it is important to think carefully about the type of holiday that suits everyone.

Which type of holiday?

People enjoy a wide range of holidays, depending on their interests, personal preferences and time available. The extent to which the person’s dementia affects their daily life will also determine the type of holiday that is most suitable.

  • Booking independently: This option offers the greatest choice and flexibility and may be suitable for someone with early stages of dementia. You will be able to make your own travel arrangements and choose the best accommodation. By booking independently you could choose to stay in a smaller hotel that can offer you a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Travelling outside a school holiday is always a good idea, everyone will be less rushed and can give you more time and attention.
  • A mainstream package holiday: If your dementia is mild, you may want to go on a mainstream holiday where everything is arranged for you. With this option, all the hard work is done for you. However, it is always worth speaking with your travel agency before you book, to make sure that all the support you need will be available.

Whatever type of holiday you choose, find out as much as you can beforehand about the holiday destination. If anyone travelling has a physical disability, will it be easy for you to get around? Where are the local hospitals or the medical centre’s? How far is the accommodation from the airport?

People with dementia who are generally independent in familiar surroundings may need extra support when coping with a new environment or changes to their routine. Even if they’re travelling with a companion, the holiday may be more enjoyable for everyone if another friend or relative comes too.

Important documents

It is always worth taking two photocopies of the personal details page of your passport. Leave one copy at home with a relative or a friend, and carry the other copy with you, along with copies of your important documents. A Medic Alert bracelet or similar identification may be useful for a person with dementia in case they become separated from whoever they are travelling with, or become too confused to speak clearly.

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If you need to chat with our customer services team about the insurance why not call us on 02392 419 080. We are UK based and open Monday to Friday and closed Bank Holidays. Alternatively, try our online and easy to use medical screening, we will ask you some questions about your medical conditions so that we can offer you our best quote.

If you are still unsure why not check out our frequently asked questions page you may find the answer you need here.

Peace of mind included

Here at Free Spirit, we are dedicated to offering you not just an excellent standard of service but an insurance cover that will ensure you have immediate peace of mind protection. We are one of the UK’s largest specialist travel insurance providers for people with medical conditions including dementia and we pride ourselves in helping people that have not been able to get cover elsewhere.

View all the details about Free Spirit’s cover limits.

Travel, With Confidence

Visit the Dementia Adventure website to find tailored dementia holidays suitable for you and your loved one. Once you’ve picked your favourite, Dementia Adventure will take care of all the details. To find some travel tips while travelling with dementia view our blog on the subject.

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