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Specialist travel insurance

Any health condition that relates to your heart is likely to be significant. That’s why so many standard travel insurance companies will not offer holiday insurance to people who have medical conditions such as heart valve disease.

Despite the fact that many people with cardiac valve disease manage their condition well through medication, the possibility of medical treatment costs being incurred abroad means that many travel insurance policies won’t cover people with heart valve disease.

Yet, having a serious condition such as this probably means you need a holiday more than most. At Free Spirit, we work hard to ensure that in most cases we can provide you with specialist travel insurance that covers your cardiac valve disease.

What does specialist travel insurance for cardiac valve disease cover?

If you are managing heart valve disease with medication or if you have recently had surgery, our medical travel insurance should be able to cover you. Please note, that you will be required to complete a medical screening online or over the telephone so that we can confirm if we are able to offer cover. In 96% of cases, we are able to offer cover to people with medical conditions.

Having our specialist travel insurance in place means that should you require emergency medical treatment whilst on holiday, the costs will be covered (subject to the terms and conditions of the Free Spirit Insurance Policy). This is good to know when you are travelling abroad with a medical condition as emergency hospital treatment can be very expensive, especially in places such as Spain, Cyprus and the USA.

What’s more, travel insurance for heart valve disease also covers you for unexpected cancellations. You may have been well when you booked your holiday but then find yourself too ill to travel nearer the time. If you have taken out medical travel insurance when you booked your holiday, then you will be able to recover some of the money you have already paid out should you need to cancel (subject to the policy terms and conditions). We will also cover the cancellation costs of the people you are travelling with, as long as they are on the same Free Spirit policy as you.

How do I get medical travel insurance to cover my cardiac valve disease?

Getting travel insurance from Free Spirit couldn’t be easier. We know that having a long-term medical condition such as heart valve disease means you are constantly having to answer questions about your condition – so we try to make this process as straight-forward and simple as we can.

To find the right policy for you which gives you all the cover you might need, we’ll just ask you some questions about your heart valve disease. Our friendly team are available on freephone 02392 419 080. Alternatively, you can choose to do the whole process online by going to get a quote online section.

What questions will we ask you during the medical screening process?

Typical questions we will ask someone who is seeking specialist travel insurance to cover their heart valve disease are as follows:

  • Have you had surgery to repair or replace a heart valve?
  • Have you ever been a smoker?
  • Is further investigation or treatment planned?
  • Have you ever had any disturbance of your heart rhythm?
  • Are you on medication to thin the blood (excluding aspirin)?
  • Do you have any breathlessness as a result of your heart problems?
  • Have you ever been told that the arteries in your heart are blocked or narrowed?
  • Have you ever had angina and/or a heart attack?

If you are not sure of any of the information you are giving us or do not know the answer, please check with your treating G.P.


Travelling when you have heart valve disease

Before planning any holiday, it’s important to discuss with your doctor where you want to go and what you plan to do, to ensure they are happy for you to do so. Having cardiac valve disease can mean you get out of breath easily and feel unusually tired, so having a relaxing holiday where you can soak up the sun may be ideal.

If you are flying to your destination you may need to book assistance at the airport. Your required gate may be a long walk, but with assistance, that burden can be eased and airport transportation can take you to where you need to be.

Make sure you have all the medication you need with you. We also advise that you have a short explanation of your condition, either written by yourself or your doctor, in the language of the country you are travelling to. In the event that you need hospital treatment in an emergency, this explanation can save a lot of time and ensure you get the right treatment as quickly as possible.

Of course, being able to relax and enjoy your holiday is only really possible if you know that you are covered for your medical condition. Having specialist medical travel insurance in place will help give you the peace of mind you need for a well-deserved break. Contact us today for a quote.

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