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Travel insurance for Fatty Liver

As the name suggests, fatty liver is a condition caused by a build-up of fat in the liver. It may occur due to excessive drinking, which is known as alcohol-related fatty liver disease, or for other reasons that are not alcohol-related, such as being overweight or obese. This second type of fatty liver is called non-alcohol related fatty liver disease.

According to the NHS, it’s thought that as many as one in three people has some small accumulation of fat in their liver, which in many cases causes no problems at all. However, long-term fatty liver can lead to further damage over time, resulting in inflammation and eventually cirrhosis – scarring of the liver. Cirrhosis is a non-reversible and potentially serious condition that can lead to liver failure.

Taking a holiday should not be out of reach if you have been diagnosed with a fatty liver but you should think about how you will look after your health while you’re away. The most important thing for anyone with a pre-existing medical issue, such as fatty liver, is to ensure you have specialist travel insurance that covers your condition.

Do I need travel insurance that covers fatty liver?

You might wonder if you really need to let your travel insurance provider know if you have fatty liver disease. Yet, because it is always possible for the condition to worsen and develop into more severe liver damage, it is vital that you declare fatty liver condition on your travel insurance policy.

This way, if you were to need healthcare related to your liver condition while you are on holiday, you wouldn’t be left with a large medical bill. Overseas treatment can be very expensive, but travel insurance is there to protect you from such costs. Having said that, many standard travel insurance providers will exclude people with long-term health conditions, like fatty liver disease, which is why medical travel insurance providers like Free Spirit exist. We make it our mission to offer travel cover to people of any age who may have existing medical conditions.

As well as covering this liver condition, our fatty liver travel insurance includes many essential aspects of holiday cover, from cover that ensures you can get home again if you cannot travel as planned, to protection for your important travel documents against loss, and damage, or theft. Our cancellation cover kicks in from the moment your policy is confirmed and is there to guard you financially* in the event that your health prevents you from being able to take your trip.

*Cover is subject to the terms, conditions, and limits of the Insurance Policy.

How can I get travel insurance for fatty liver?

It’s simple to receive a free, no-obligation quote for fatty liver travel insurance from Free Spirit. If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly, UK-based travel insurance experts, they are available on 02392 419 080. 

Or, for a quick and easy online quote anytime, please use our online application system. We’ll need to know a bit about your condition, so we will need to ask you a few questions. These may vary, but will likely include some or all of the following:

  • Have you had a liver transplant?
  • Are you on a waiting list for a liver transplant?
  • Are you jaundiced?
  • How many unplanned hospital admissions for this condition have you had in the last twelve months?
  • Have you had oesophageal varices (swollen blood vessels) diagnosed?

Travelling with fatty liver disease

As you will know if you have a fatty liver, the best way to avoid further liver damage is to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should not smoke or drink alcohol, and you should aim to lose weight carefully if you are overweight or obese, both through exercise and eating a balanced diet.

A holiday is a welcome break from the norm, but it shouldn’t be a complete vacation from all things healthy; especially when this could negatively affect your liver condition. Try to make healthy choices while you’re away on holiday just like you would do at home, this is the best way to ensure your trip doesn’t come at the expense of your health.

While many standard travel insurance companies decline to cover pre-existing conditions such as fatty liver disease, a specialist provider like Free Spirit is dedicated to offering medical travel cover. Our travel insurance can cover people of any age with medical conditions*.

In many parts of the world it often does not take much to run up large medical costs, should the unexpected happen.  Free Spirit travel insurance specifically designed to cover fatty liver therefore is essential. You need to be certain that you will be able to access the healthcare you might need wherever your travels take you, and that you won’t be left with the bill.   Our policy also provides, as standard, cover for cancellation, repatriation, cutting short your trip, personal possessions, passport & documents, travel delay, and missed connections.

Contact us today to find out more about our travel insurance for fatty liver disease. You can apply for a no-obligation quote online or, if you’d rather speak to someone, call our friendly team of UK-based travel insurance specialists on 02392 419 080.

*subject to terms, conditions, and limits of the insurance policy.

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