My Mum was diagnosed with cancer in February of this year, and recently it has been diagnosed as terminal. My parents wanted one last holiday abroad together, but after trying to get insurance for her, this was deemed impossible. One quote was £2500.00!! For one week away!! I decided to try on their behalf, as I suspected that the companies were just hearing ‘terminal’ and not looking at the whole picture, which is, that at the moment she is feeling very fit and well. I contacted Free Spirit and explained the circumstances. I was advised that if we could get a Doctors note to say that she was basically fit to travel, that they would see what they could do. Well very quickly I got given a quote, substantially less than £2500.00, and the customer service operator contacted my parents and it was all done over the phone and they have booked their holiday for the 19th August!! I am very impressed with your company and will recommend it to friends and family.

D. MurphyCheshire