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Don’t let your health or age stop you travelling if you are over 65

Don’t let your health or age stop you travelling if you are over 65

You may find yourself with fewer responsibilities and a little more time on your hands when you reach 65 and the thought of travelling abroad may seem more appealing. You may want to experience warmer, sunnier climates, visit a famous landmark or just sample some of the best cuisine the world has to offer. It doesn’t really matter what reason you have to travel abroad just as long as you obtain specialist over 65 travel insurance before jetting off!

You may find that some standard insurance providers consider senior travellers a higher risk of claiming especially if you have an existing medical condition, and so you may run into difficulty obtaining a standard quote. You may be saying to yourself “I will never be able to get travel insurance to cover my health”.

Here at Free Spirit we believe everyone deserves the right to travel and this is why we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a tailor made over 65’s cover. When other insurance providers say “No”, we are usually the ones who say “Yes. We can cover you”. Of course there may be times when we can’t offer cover, but we will always let you know the reasons why.

Although you may expect your specialist travel insurance for over 65’s to be more expensive than a standard policy, there are some things you need to consider which may reduce your premium without compromising on the level of cover, for example:

  • If you are likely to take two or more holidays a year, why not ask for an Annual Multi-trip quote as it may work out cheaper than purchasing individual single trip covers.
  • Likewise, don’t buy a worldwide policy if you only plan to travel around Europe as it will be more expensive.
  • If you have the same level of cover on your household insurance for accidental loss, theft or damage to your personal belongings and valuables, we can offer a reduction on the travel insurance premium by deleting this section of the cover.

We understand it can be a worry travelling abroad with a medical condition and by declaring all pre-existing conditions on your travel insurance, you can travel with complete peace of mind knowing that if you need emergency medical assistance for any declared medical condition, you will be covered.

Here are a few travel tips to get you off to a good start:
  • Speak to your GP before booking your holiday to find out whether your preferred travel destination is suitable when taking the needs and requirements of your medical condition into consideration. The NHS Fit for Travel website offers destination-specific guidance and some travel health tips for travellers.
  • Packing smart means packing less and only taking the essentials or pack complete outfits rather than individual items, this will help to lighten your load.
  • No matter how long your trip is, each day is valuable and you don’t want to waste time wondering how you are going to spend them. Therefore, planning ahead of time can go a long way in ensuring your holiday is a memorable one.

This time of year is a great time to visit friends and relatives no matter where they live, so book the flight, send an email to say you are coming to stay and let Free Spirit take the worry out of travelling. We will have you covered from the date you start your policy so what are you waiting for, free your spirit and go travel the world enjoying carefree holidays once again!

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