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Comparing medical travel insurance

Medical travel insurance for a holiday should be as tailored to you as possible. If you have an existing medical condition or disability, it’s even more important that your travel insurance is specialist and wide-ranging, and includes every aspect of cover you may need. That way, you can get on with the important task of enjoying your time away, safe in the knowledge that you have suitable holiday insurance in place should you need it.

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When looking for specialist medical travel insurance, there are certain elements of cover you should ensure are included before making a final decision. Make sure to ask your medical travel insurance provider if they can offer the following key features to suit you and your existing medical condition or disability:

Which destinations can I travel to?

Medical travel insurance can vary in terms of the countries and regions of the world it covers you to travel within, so make sure your holiday insurance includes all of the destinations you will be travelling to.

At Free Spirit, we provide specialist travel insurance for those with existing medical conditions or disabilities so that they can travel to almost anywhere in the world on both our Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip policies.

Our Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance enables you to take as many trips as you like in a 12-month period, provided that you do not exceed the maximum trip duration and you come home between taking each trip.

We also offer specialist medical travel insurance for European and Worldwide cruise holidays on both types of policy.

How long can I travel for?

Most travel insurance policies have a limit on the number of days you can travel for, so you need to know the maximum length of time you can travel for and be covered by your medical travel insurance.

Part of the joy of travel is being able to really disconnect from everyday life and sometimes this takes more than a week or two away.

At Free Spirit, we understand this very well, which is why the maximum trip duration for our Single Trip cover is 94 days, or 45 days if you are 76 years old or over. If you will be taking multiple trips throughout the year and choose our Annual Multi-Trip policy, you can travel for up to 45 days on each trip with our ‘Super Duper’ cover, and up to 31 days on each trip with our ‘Super’ cover. There is no limit to the number of times you can travel within a year on our Annual Multi-Trip cover which makes it the ideal policy if you are a frequent traveller!

Are there any age limits?

Many standard travel insurance providers include an upper age limit on the cover they offer, which makes finding insurance for older travellers, let alone those with an existing medical condition or disability, very difficult.

Proud to be different, we can offer specialist senior travel insurance for people of any age, even those who have existing health conditions. Age is no obstacle to finding medical travel insurance with Free Spirit!

What type of activities can I do while away?

It’s all very well for medical travel insurance to cover you to get away with family and friends, but not if you aren’t covered to join in with whatever sports or leisure activities that have been planned.

You need to ensure you will be able to enjoy a full schedule of activities knowing your travel insurance will cover you if need be, especially if you are planning certain pursuits or will have the option to try them should you choose to.

Our specialist travel insurance covers you to participate in an amazing 100 activities free of charge on an amateur basis, as long as your G.P. is happy for you to do so, and that you follow all safety guidelines. These include jet-skiing; mountain biking; rafting (white water Grades 1-3); scuba diving (not solo, up to 30 metres); and even bungee jumping! We can also offer additional cover for winter sports, such as on-piste skiing or snowboarding, ice skating and cross-country skiing, for an additional premium. Also, view our Ski Travel Insurance for more information.

Is my existing medical condition or disability covered?

Most importantly, if you have an existing medical condition or disability, you need specialist travel insurance that incorporates all of the above features and covers your particular condition or disability.

As we’ve already mentioned, with Free Spirit there is no need to risk travelling abroad without cover in place, even if most standard insurance providers have declined to offer it. As the first insurance scheme of its type, our specialist travel insurance is specifically designed to cater to people who may have struggled to obtain cover due to existing health conditions.

We can cover you for a wide variety of medical conditions and disabilities, including all types of cancer, brain and cerebral conditions, breathing and lung conditions, mental health conditions, muscular conditions including spina bifida and motor neurone disease.

So, if you’re looking for a specialist travel insurance provider, look no further than Free Spirit.

We do all we can to offer competitive and inclusive medical travel insurance to people of any age, and with virtually any existing health condition or disability.

Applying for medical travel insurance with us is quick and simple.

Get a travel insurance quote online or speak to one of our friendly expert team based in the UK on freephone 02392 419 080.

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