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Ten amazing travel experiences for 2018

Much as we love a beach holiday or a relaxing cruise, there’s definitely something about a trip that involves a little more adventure. Every so often, it can be incredibly rewarding to experience something different in a beautiful and exciting part of the world.

Holidays are more varied now than ever before, and professionally guided tours are making it possible for people to explore places and take on challenges previously accessible by only the most intrepid travellers.

Guided adventure holidays are a wonderful way to experience some of the more remote and exciting destinations out there, and to see some truly amazing culture, wildlife, and natural landscapes, all under the watchful eyes of an expert group leader.

Not all of the destinations we’ve rounded up here require a guide, but all guarantee some genuine ‘wow’ moments!

1. Trekking with rhinos in Namibia

Rhino in Nambia

Join your wildlife guide in a 4×4 and explore the deserts of Damaraland in the hope of catching sight of the rare rhinos who live there, before heading out to try and spot lions, elephants, and cheetahs. Booking with a responsible travel company will mean that your trip contributes to essential conservation efforts too.

2. Explore amazing natural caves in Utah

travel experiences in Utah
Elephant rock in the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, Nevada, seen through a natural arch. Seen a hot summer day in the desert.

The shapes and colours of the natural rock caves and gorges of Antelope Canyon in Utah are every bit as dramatic as the Grand Canyon, but with a fraction of the tourists. A guided exploration can show you some of the most awe-inspiring formations first-hand.
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3. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights Iceland

As a popular up-and-coming travel destination, Iceland is becoming quite the holiday hotspot! An increasing number of airlines are offering affordable flights to the areas of the country where the Northern Lights can be seen at their most impressive. So there’s no better time to wrap up warm and tick this one off your bucket list.

4. Jungle trekking in Borneo

Misty Jungle in Borneo

A tailor-made conservation-inspired guided tour into the rainforests of this biodiverse paradise can reveal the wildlife that calls it home, including endangered Sumatran rhinos and clouded leopards. Take part in a night safari in the Danum Valley or experience world-class diving around the tiny neighbouring islands of Lankayan and Sipadan.

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5. Kayak across a stunning Slovenian lake

Lake Bled in Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia is a picture-perfect location, surrounded by densely forested, snow-capped mountains and with a tiny 17th church on the island in its centre. Taking to the water in a kayak is a great way to explore the lake and soak up the breathtaking views.

6. Snorkel with giant marine life in Western Australia

Snorkling in Australia

Although they don’t get the attention of their famous east coast counterpart, the reefs on Australia’s west coast are just as beautiful and rich in life as the Great Barrier Reef. At Ningaloo Reef, you can swim with some of the biggest marine creatures going all year round, including whale sharks (don’t worry, they’re non-carnivorous!), migrating humpback whales and manta rays.

7. Hike to the end of the world in Spain

Hikers in Spain

The north-western region of Galicia in Spain is home to what was long believed to be the end of the world; Cape Finisterre. Walk the spectacular Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) to reach it, so-called thanks to the many ships that became wrecked on its treacherous shore.

8. Count the stars in Tenerife

Stargazing in Tenerife travel experiences

Although Tenerife is known for being a volcanic island, many may not be aware of its jaw-dropping Teide National Park, which could be a dead-ringer for the rugged Arizona badlands. Take a cable car up to an altitude of 3550 metres to watch the stars come out with virtually no light pollution, alongside an expert astronomer.

9. Travel legendary Route 66

Route 66 travel experiences

Many of us have dreamt of taking to the open road along with one of America’s most famous highways, which stretches coast to coast from Chicago to California. On route, you can experience the freedom of the road and take in all the weird and wonderful sights along the way.

10. Explore the Andes

Andes mountains in Peru travel experiences

Another 4×4 adventure awaits, this time along the world’s longest mountain chain in Peru. Explore the colonial churches and architecture of Ayacucho, the archaeological remains of Cusco, and look out for condors and flamingos in Pampas Galeras National Park.

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