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How can I be a more flexible traveller this year?

How can you become a flexible travellver when the price of flights, hotels, and transportation are set to rise? You could opt for a last-minute holiday.

However, if you and your party are fully vaccinated and wish to travel, don’t just look out for the best deal. Aim to be a more flexible traveller when making your travel arrangements.

Not sure how? We’re here to help! By the end of reading this article, you’ll have all the advice you need to book a holiday with confidence this year.

Q: How can I be a flexible traveller when booking a last-minute holiday?

A: Find an airline/tour operator that will give you as much flexibility as possible.

They should be very open about this since the beginning of the pandemic. Most companies are up-front and open, explaining their policy and allowing you to alter the dates or defer travel if you need to. If it is a struggle to find or understand the information, be wary.

When to book a last-minute holiday?

When the time comes to book, consider who you’re travelling with. If it’s just you and your partner, you could book the last remaining seats, on opposite sides of the plane. On the other hand, if you’re with family, it’s best to book further in advance to secure hotel rooms/seats closer together.

If you’re looking for cheap, last-minute holidays and deals on flights, prices will usually come down closer to the departure date. To find the best prices sign up to travel company newsletters.

Where to go?

When considering where to book for a last-minute holiday, check the rules, travel restrictions, and how safe a country is to visit by referring to the FCDO advice website.

Want to travel against FCDO advice? Cover may still be available. Either way, contact our knowledgeable team for clarity.

Shall I book a last-minute flight?

Now a large percentage of the UK population are fully vaccinated, and there are no countries on the red list, there are more countries for us to visit. Also, the vast majority of destinations are open to UK travellers. So, if you’re feeling spontaneous there will be a very tempting selection to book a flight to at the last minute.

During the first year of the pandemic, many people who’d booked a flight and hotel separately found it even harder to get a refund from the airline when their holiday was cancelled. This was because the flight itself was still running. Instead, when you last-minute holiday, don’t opt for the lowest price but book a flexible ticket…

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Q: How can I be a flexible traveller when booking flights?

A: Book flexible flights, ‘flexi flights’ or ‘open tickets’

A flexible flight will allow you to make changes and cancellations after your purchase has been made. For example, you can change your travel departure date or cancel at the last minute for a small fee. You may not need to pay a fee at all.

Flexible flights have always been an option. However, the disruption the pandemic has had on the travel industry has made flexible flights an invaluable solution to ensure our travel plans can still go ahead. In turn, many travel providers have innovated by updating their policies to make sure flexible travel is available and their customers can continue travelling with peace of mind.

British Airways is one provider which gives you the option to book your preferred ticket type – even after you’ve made your booking. Manage your booking by changing your ticket type to a flexible ticket under the ‘ticket type’ box.

Which airlines offer flexible flights?

  • British Airways, which has been offering global travel for over 100 years.
  • easyjet, which now offers long and short-haul flights with easy transfers across the world.
  • Ryanair for low-cost trips around Europe.
  • Emirates was created in Dubai in 1984 – now it’s rated as one of the top airlines in the world.
  • Qatar Airways is the youngest but the fastest-growing airline, which is becoming one of the elite group of airlines worldwide.
  • Virgin Atlantic, is a fun, friendly, and fabulous airline to book adventures with.
  • Scandinavian Airlines, a proud carrier of travellers to, from, and within Scandinavia

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Q: How can I be a flexible traveller when booking a hotel?

A: Find a hotel that offers flexible dates

When looking at holiday accommodation you may be drawn to the best price for your pocket, as well as the location and accessibility. However, making a flexible hotel booking includes the ease of cancellation after booking, alongside the option for flexible dates and rates. Finding a hotel that offers you more flexibility would be a good option if your plans are not set in stone. For instance, if you have a hospital appointment in place, which could be moved, changed, or cancelled at the last minute.

Luckily, some well-known hotels offer flexible accommodation. has flexible search functionality, which displays a range of hotels and accommodation options. Just select ‘free cancellation’ on the search filter.

Which hotels offer flexible booking?

  • Hilton hotels offer memorable stays for you and your pets from beachside breaks to snow-capped getaways.
  • Radisson Hotels for once-in-a-lifetime adventures at its SGS-certified hotels.
  • InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) offers a host of holidays and rewards once becoming a member for people and pets.
  • Hyatt has hotels in over 65 countries where you can work or spend a holiday.
  • Holiday Inn which is suitable for families.
  • Accor Hotels own the following hotel brands: Novotel, Mercure, and ibis.

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Take Free Spirit Travel Insurance

We hope we’ve given you all the information and advice you need to become a flexible traveller, when you’re ready to book with confidence.

However, it’s wise to purchase travel insurance, which includes Coronavirus Cover. With a Free Spirit policy, that has two different levels of cover to choose from you’re in safe hands. In the unlikely event that you (or someone in your party), have to cancel the trip due to becoming ill or testing positive for Coronavirus our Coronavirus Cover can assist.

For more information about our policy and Coronavirus Cover, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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