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How to book with confidence when COVID measures are lifted

Book with confidence when planning a holiday. Don’t feel ready just yet? We’d like to give you some peace of mind for when you are.

Recent research carried out by Jet2holidays uncovered that over half (56%) of respondents said they’re confident about travelling. Could this be due to the number of people who’re fully vaccinated? Or that within the UK (and Europe) travel rules and restrictions are slowly being lifted?

Whatever reason the increase in confidence to travel, we’re aware that some people need more reassurance to do so. Therefore, we’ve provided some information about how to plan your holiday and book with confidence when COVID measures are lifted.

book with confidence


Book with confidence – do your research

Many operators have been introducing flexible booking options due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Do your research – there will be more competition for the best deals and prices as holidays grow in demand in the coming months.

However, when booking your break always ensure you’re happy with the T&Cs of your chosen holiday operator. Also, look out for any COVID-19 tests you may have to take before travelling.

You can find up-to-date information about travel restrictions in any destination by visiting Expedia’s COVID-19 travel advisor web page

Does the thought of busy transport or locations make you uncomfortable? If you can book in the shoulder seasons (spring and fall), it means doing so outwith the times when traditional there are more people doing likewise. You could also try a destination that is not as popular (a ‘secondary destination’) for instance, go to Florence instead of Rome. This way you will come into contact with fewer travellers.

Examples of great secondary destinations:

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates has many activities to experience both on and off the sand dunes.
  • Chiang Mai, the largest city in Thailand, where you can spot wildlife and visit Buddhist temples.
  • Doha, the capital of Qatar, is a unique place for a multicultural city break and camel rides by night.
  • Florence, Italy, well worth visiting if you’re a fan of the arts and architecture.
  • Frankfurt, Germany for walking tours, river cruises or a visit to a magical Christmas market.
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Blanket travel bans

Worried about new variants impacting your holiday? You shouldn’t be. Blanket travel bans should become an unlikely occurrence because it has been shown they don’t prevent international spread.  Plus, they can stop countries from reporting/sharing their infections data regarding Coronavirus.

However, if your travel firm does cancel and you’ve paid for a trip you should get a refund.

book with confidence by understanding blanket travel bans

Book with confidence – understand what refunds you’re entitled to

  • Flights and package holidays. You should have a refund within seven days if your flight is cancelled. If your package holiday has been cancelled, this refund should be given to you in full within 14 days. Bear in mind, this may be longer if there are a higher number of refunds being processed than normal.
  • Other travel bookings, such as hotels and car hire. You still should get a refund. Especially if the service you booked will not be provided. While it may be harder if the business is abroad, stick to your guns.
  • Refunds for COVID Tests. If you took a PCR test for travel then your plans are cancelled before leaving the UK, you might be able to get a refund for the test. Just contact the provider you ordered the test from. If you bought the test but did not take it, it’s likely that you’ll be able to return it.

book with confidence by doing your research


Book with confidence – take Free Spirit Coronavirus Cover

What is Coronavirus Cover?

Free Spirit policies include coronavirus cover, which allows you to travel abroad safe in the knowledge that you have cover in place if you should fall ill with COVID.

Free Spirit Coronavirus Cover includes:

  • Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses
  • State hospital benefit

See what else is covered.

Wherever and whenever you book (in advance or last-minute holiday), remember to take out Free Spirit Travel Insurance with Coronavirus Cover the same day. This will ensure that you’ll have cancellation cover in place from day one.

With Free Spirit, you’ll also have many more features and benefits included for your chosen level of cover. Also, remember that you can always contact our friendly, knowledgeable team for advice. For a list of useful websites for information about travel and Coronavirus click here.


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