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The top 5 Villa Holidays for Free Spirits

Villa holidays are a satisfying break. They allow us to escape the crowds and focus on spending time with friends and family. Your perfect escape can be found in a picturesque environment by the seaside, in the countryside, or in a hamlet.
You can book a villa holiday in the UK. Yet, some of the most luxurious holiday villas are in warmer destinations around Europe. View our top villa holidays in some of the most desirable destinations…


1. Villa holidays in France for foodies

Southern France is home to lots of charming villas. They are authentically Gaelic and known for being spacious. Create the perfect setting for time away by booking a barn, chateaux, or historic wine estate! If you’d like a seaside setting stay in the beach resort of Hossegor. Here, you can try different water sports and try oysters. A delicacy farmed in Hossegor’s marine lake for centuries.

In southwest France, chill out in rustic cottages in the countryside. See if you can find one with a private pool. When the weather’s warm you won’t be able to resist taking a dip surrounded by fruit trees. Speaking of French fruits you are in the ideal location to go on a culinary journey. Farms, village markets, small local stores, wine tasting fairs and vineyards will welcome you with open arms – and a delicacy or two to discover…
Côte d’Azur for example is the perfect place to split your time between vineyards and beaches, based in an exclusive villa. It is part of the Provence wine region blessed with glorious sunkissed and unspoiled beaches. 

villa holidays in france

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2.   Beach villa holidays on The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are great locations for beach villa holidays.

The island of Menorca is a beach lovers’ paradise. It has over 100 beaches (more than Mallorca and Ibiza put together). Book a luxury villa holiday as a base to explore as many as you can. 
Mallorca is also a great location for a beach party on holiday. Spend the day swimming in your pool, meters away from the beach. Then gather supplies from a neighbouring village and dance across the dunes. A sophisticated place to dance the night away is in Cala D’or on Mallorca’s southeast coast.
On Mallorca’s North coast stroll along the sandy shores of the Bay of Alcudia, which runs for 10km. Hidden behind the Bay of Alcudia are hillside villas. If you stay in one of these, take in the views of the tranquil Tramuntana Mountains.

Luxury holiday villas


3.   Choose a villa holiday in Italy with mountain views

Villa holidays in Italy can be enjoyed in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Here, you’ll discover hamlets, where you can enjoy a holiday off-the-beaten-track. Throughout your stay, visit vineyards and gardens. Or walk among the Pratomagno Mountains. You will be sure to have tired yourself out – back to your villa to relax in the pool.

To see the Alps mountain range head to northern Italy and admire them from a villa on the edge of Lake Como. Lake Como is a destination with its own microclimate – said to never be too hot or too cold. This makes it a unique location for a villa holiday. Pick your villa with panoramic lakeside views. Or, stay in an apartment within a historic mountain village, such as Varenna on the west shore.

The shores of western Sicily are another option for a holiday near the shores of a sandy beach. For a culinary adventure, you can try a blend of North African / Sicilian dishes made from fresh saffron, swordfish, and many other delicious local ingredients.

villa holidays around lake como


4.   A villa holiday in Greece

There are more Greek islands to visit for a villa holiday than you can count. Rhodes, Crete, and Cyprus are three of the best known but there are many more, each with their own distinct character. Cyprus is a top place to pick a luxury holiday villa. A concierge team can organise the finer details to allow your perfect villa holiday to begin! One place to consider is the pretty town of Peyia (within the Paphos District). Peyia provides easy access to many interesting places, such as St Solomon’s Catacombs.

To escape to a quieter location there are many small villages in Crete that are perfect. There is a wide range of dwellings available including the famous whitewashed townhouses on steep winding streets. Perfect to capture panoramic sea views and even sunsets from your authentic Greek home.

For another type of authentic Greek experience, book a large villa in Rhodes, for all your travelling companions. Together, embrace alfresco dining in style, in a lush garden with a barbecue, bread oven, and fairy lights.

villa holidays with friends


5. Villa holidays along the Algarve

If you book a villa holiday package along the Algarve you can stay in a villa holiday resort, within your own villa. There, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy all the benefits of an all-inclusive hotel. The benefits can include swimming pools, entertainment, meals, and excursions.

If you prefer more privacy, the Algarve is full of luxury private villas with pools and Jacuzzis. Many on the coast come with direct beach access. Find one on Praia da Falesia beach, which is one of the Algarve’s longest beaches.

For a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure the feeling of elite luxury, pick a Portuguese luxury villa full of eye-catching art and gadgets. During your stay, you can play on the beach or go for a game of golf before cooling off in your own cinema room. With a selection of bespoke beverages from your own bar, you’re sure to end the day well.

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Free Spirit Travel Insurance for Villa Holidays

Whatever your villa holiday looks like and wherever you decide to visit, don’t forget Free Spirit Travel Insurance and all the features and benefits.

Or download our infographic to view our top five locations for villa holidays here


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