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Europe Travel Insurance

Europe has it all. Whether it’s a holiday in the sun or a quick city break – Europe simply has something for everyone.

When travelling abroad, it’s nice to have the reassurance that you’re in safe hands. Travel insurance offers peace of mind, that if anything unexpected were to happen whilst you were away, you’re protected.

If you are planning a European getaway, it’s important your cover is tailored towards this. Therefore, Free Spirit offers European Travel Insurance. We make a conscious effort to provide specialist travel insurance that covers a number of medical conditions and disabilities for individuals of any age.

Travel Inspiration for your next European adventure

Europe has some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Its accessibility, combined with endless opportunity and adventure makes it ideal for any getaway. Whether you’re after a relaxing break in a sun-drenched spot such as the Algarve in Portugal; or an activity-packed trip exploring several stunning locations – Europe really does have it all.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on European destinations to visit, how about:

Plitviče Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitviče Lakes National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site located near the coast of Croatia. It’s host to sixteen lakes connected by a plethora of beautiful waterfalls. It’s truly an amazing depiction of the allure of nature.

Plitvice national park Croatia
The park is open all year round however it does get busy during summer months, so if you wish to see it in its purest form without tourists, be sure to try and visit it in off-peak times.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal spa in Iceland. With an average temperature of 39°C, it’s nourishing waters are perfect to relax in, whilst providing health benefits too.

Blue Lagoon Iceland
However, it is important to pre-book given the Lagoon’s popularity. We recommend visiting at night for the perfect low-light experience – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Labelled as one of the most famous bridges in Europe, and perfectly aligned with the tomb of St. Vitus, Charles Bridge is a truly spectacular landmark. The construction of the bridge boasts precision that defies the era in which it was constructed.

Charles Bridge Prague Sunset
The journey across the bridge boasts a number of eye-catching statues along with breath-taking views of the River Vltava. A construction so beautiful should rightfully be visited more than once – that’s why we recommend visiting the bridge both during the day and in the early evening.


European Travel Tips and Advice

If you’re planning on travelling to or around Europe, here are some top tips to take away with you on your travels:


Exploring some of the finest landmarks that Europe has to offer is certainly a must, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, Charles Bridge in Prague, or the Chateau de Chillon in Switzerland. Europe has a vast offering of landmarks, sights and history – the only difficulty is choosing your next location!


The EHIC card leaves many asking: ‘Do I need travel insurance for Europe?’. Well, travelling around all European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland with an EHIC card will entitle you to free or reduced-cost medical care. However, the EHIC alone doesn’t cover you for everything, so it is essential to have travel insurance to ensure you are covered for any medical emergency abroad.

When travelling to Europe, many people believe the EHIC offers enough medical protection if something were to happen during your trip. However, the EHIC offers only basic state healthcare. This is made available at a reduced cost or free of charge depending on the country as well as the type and amount of medical attention required.

On the other hand, Free Spirit Travel insurance will cover emergency medical and associated expenses up to £10,000,000 (depending on the level of cover). More details are provided further down.


Although English will often be spoken in most major European cities, learning some key phrases whilst on your travels may go a long way. Some key phrases to know include:

EnglishHelloGoodbyeI Need HelpExcuse MeI’m SorryThank You
GermanHalloTschüssIch brauche Hilfe. / Hilfe!EntschuldigungEntschuldigungDanke
FrenchBonjourAu revoirJ’ai besoin d’aide. / À l’aide!Excusez-moiPardonMerci
RussianЗдравстуйте (Zdrastvuite)До свидания (Do svidaniya)Помогите (Pomoguite)!Извините (Izvinite)Простите (Prostite)благодарю вас
(blagodaryu vas)
ItalianCiaoArrivederciMi serve aiuto. / Aiuto!Mi scusiMi dispiaceGrazie
SpanishHolaAdiósNecesito ayuda. / ¡Ayuda!Disculpa (informal) / Disculpe (formal)Lo siento / PerdónGracias
TurkeyMerhabaHoşçakalYardıma ihtiyacım var. / İmdat!AffedersinizÖzür dilerimteşekkür ederim
Portuguese OlaAdeuspreciso da ajudadesculpeDesculpe-meObrigado/ Obrigada


Whilst you may assume that European countries transact with Euros, there are still a number of destinations that do not use it as their primary currency.

For example, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey as well as many others all use their native currency as opposed to the Euro. We recommend always checking the local currency before travelling.


Travelling to Europe from the UK doesn’t have to just be via plane. You can go by car or train, cutesy of the Eurostar or Eurotunnel. You can also catch a ferry or go on a cruise.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, transport to get around the country varies. From internal travel links such as overground to underground rail services, tramlines, cable carts, bikes, canal boats, buses and cars, the options are endless. We recommend checking the internal travel options for your location in order to understand the accessibility of your chosen region.

For tips such as travelling with a medical condition, please refer to our guides.

What does European travel insurance cover?

Free Spirit Travel insurance will cover emergency medical and associated expenses up to £10,000,000 (depending on the level of cover) as well as aftercare at home following hospitalisation. Regardless of whether or not you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important to take out a policy that offers a suitable level of cover for medical emergencies.

Our European travel insurance covers all countries within Europe, so wherever you wish to explore, Free Spirit will cover you.

Your travel insurance quote will vary depending on not only the trip duration but also the policy type, pre-existing medical conditions, and chosen level of cover.

It is important any pre-existing medical conditions are declared during the quote application. We offer affordable travel insurance for those with medical conditions. For more information, take a look at this useful guide which shows the average cost of a European travel insurance policy.

Free Spirit Europe Travel Insurance offers the following:

  • Cover for most medical conditions and disabilities
  • No upper age limits on single and multi-trip policies.
  • The option of either single (up to 94 days) or multi-trip (unlimited trips in a 12-month period)
  • Over 100 activities covered free
  • Online medical screening
  • Cover for European cruises
  • Terminal conditions considered – call us on 02392 419 080
  • 24-hour emergency medical helpline, 365 days a year

What are the benefits of Europe travel insurance?

Travel to Europe can be included in either Single Trip or Annual Multi-trip policies. So, if you fancy more than one trip and wish to travel to different European locations, then a Free Spirit European annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is ideal. For one-off trips, you should find that a single trip policy is just what you need.

Free Spirit offers two levels of cover, “Super” and “Super Duper” so you have the option to choose the cover level that matches the needs of your trip.

The benefits to our Super Duper Cover include:

  • Cancellation of up to £5000
  • End Supplier Failure of up to £2,500 should your trip be cancelled due to financial failure of your travel and accommodation provider
  • Emergency medical & associated expenses (outside your home country) of up to £10 million
  • Aftercare at home following hospitalisation abroad for more than 5 days. This includes cover for home help, physiotherapy, dental costs and cosmetic surgery
  • State hospital benefit of £1,500 max limit, which provides a compensation payment for each 24-hour period you are an inpatient due to illness or accidental bodily injury sustained abroad
  • Curtailment (cutting your trip short)/loss of a holiday) of up to £5,000
  • Cover of up to £2,000 for loss, theft or damage to your medical aids, including wheelchairs and walking frames
  • Cover for loss or damage to prescribed medication
  • Plus, many more benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions about European Travel Insurance

What are the emergency numbers in Europe?

If you any sort of emergency during your travel, you can contact 112 for help. 112 is the European emergency number and is free of charge.

Is there cheap travel insurance to Europe for someone with a pre-existing medical condition?

Free Spirit offers affordable travel insurance for Europe for people with medical conditions. Some of the most common medical conditions we cover include; high blood pressure, asthma, type 2 diabetes, heart attacks and breast cancer plus many more conditions.

Is there an age limit for European travel insurance?

Many travel insurance providers only offer cover up to a certain age. Free Spirit does not have an upper age limit on our travel insurance.

Will Brexit impact my European travel?

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brexit and how it will affect travel. In light of Brexit, it’s more important than ever to take out travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. For more details, please read our blog on Travel after Brexit.

Please contact us on 02392 419 080 to discuss your requirements.

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