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Dee and Graham’s Free Spirit Journey Continues…

You may remember Dee and Graham’s adventures, which we first wrote about in November 2017.

In October 2014, Dee was diagnosed with a rare disease called Neuroendocrine Cancer. The diagnosis put a complete halt on the couples travel plans for 2015 (they were forced to cancel eight overseas holidays). However, with two infusions of some serious radionuclide treatment in 2015 and insurance cover from Free Spirit, Dee and Graham began to travel – a little – from July 2015.

To give them the chance to be more adventurous, from 2017 Free Spirit Manager, Mary Holt provided Dee and Graham with an annual policy, which they opted to renew in 2018 and again in 2019. Since then, they have continued their expeditions and regularly email us with updates on their travels.

They are ‘grateful to Free Spirit and Mary’ for their annual insurance, which gives them the freedom to visit many wonderful places.

Here are some extracts from Dee and Graham’s travel diary in 2019…

‘Hello Mary, it’s so good to hear from you. We’ll be looking for that travel insurance again, please…There is no doubt that without your cover we would not have the assurance that we could travel as much as we do and trust this situation continues’.

Free Spirit Journey South Africa


‘South Africa with 30-degree heat, to see wild animals, fantastic scenery and the Indian Ocean… definitely not enjoying this current weather in the UK… Again all with the comfort of knowing we have suitable insurance in place, thank you…We remain very happy with the cover and support that we receive from Free Spirit and of course, Mary.’

Mary is a recognised expert in medical screening and underwriting travel insurance for people with medical conditions. If you have a question about the do’s and don’ts of specialist travel, visit her Q&A page here. Additionally, read Mary’s top tips.


Dee and Graham specifically visited Malta because it is not only Dee’s home country – they wanted to experience the carnival!

‘Hello all, as always sincerely hoping that you are all well, we’re fine and have recently returned from two weeks in (mostly sunny but a bit windy sometimes) Malta… Visited especially for the annual Carnival and our Sunseeker Cruiser day trip – making a habit of this now… Carnival time – so colourful and exciting…so many people, tourists and locals alike, it’s a must to view The Grand Harbour from the Barrakka Gardens… We’re still recommending  Free Spirit to people we know who have on-going treatment.


Free Spirit Journey India

A country Dee and Graham never really had the inclination to visit but jetted off to anyway – ‘fabulous India’.

‘Hello all, we’ve been out and about again – this time to India! What an experience, everything you hear about and more – wealth and abject poverty, beauty and unbelievable dilapidation… So unbelievably colourful, with rich and poor, desolation and splendour living together… Such lovely people… Hopefully, the pictures need no explanation. Then there is the heat – average 40 degrees but we made it… Hope you are all well and will keep in touch!’

May, June and July – a time for cruising

After a one-week river cruise in Germany, Dee and Graham enjoyed a two week Baltic cruise visiting: St Petersburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tallinn.

‘It’s special, dressing up on cruises and also visiting the Faberge Museum, to see the most eye-popping treasures on display. Another delight was seeing the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen – so serene.’


‘Two weeks in Alberta exploring the Canadian Rockies… Such a big country with the most awe-inspiring scenery and national parks. Two of the most spectacular glacier-fed lakes have to be Moraine and Louise; once seen, never forgotten… We certainly still value the travel insurance provided by Mary and the team.’


‘We love travelling to the US, and Chicago was a city we had always wanted to visit. Such a vibrant, exciting and beautiful city with outstanding architecture. The modern shiny Millennium Park Arena and the city skyline as seen from the Lake Michigan shoreline are impressive’.


‘Yet another week in Malta, this time to experience Notte Bianca, a one-night extravaganza held in the capital Valletta where all public buildings, palaces and museums are open to the public for free. The streets are alive with entertainment, eateries and music. What a night.’

NovemberFree Spirit Journey Mexico

‘Two weeks in the most amazing country, Mexico! We travelled 2,000 miles visiting cities, towns and villages to experience The Day of the Dead, which is an important celebration in Mexico and of course the Mayan Temples – a holiday that will not be forgotten in a hurry. Absolutely astonishing!’


In December, Dee and Graham’s last holiday for 2019 is a German Yuletide Market Cruise, for four nights. They believe it should be ‘fun and colourful.’ After a rest, they sincerely hope, as we do, that their health will be maintained for more holidays in 2020.

‘Again we thank Free Spirit for providing travel insurance so that we have been able to travel so much these past few years. Mary and the team are aware that we continually support Free Spirit and advocate its services to others who want travel insurance but find it such a difficult process’.

To find more holiday inspiration, view our blog page.

The NET Patient Foundation

By taking the time to understand the rare Neuroendocrine cancer and carcinoid tumours (NETs), Free Spirit were able to cover Dee and Graham when most other travel insurers would have declined them straight away. Going further, we actively support the NET Patient Foundation (NET) and two of the Free Spirit team even attended the recent NET Gala Ball to help raise funds. These funds go towards providing support and information for people affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

At Free Spirit, we work in partnership with over 20 charities/organisations to offer specialist travel insurance to their customers and members.  If there is a charity or organisation that you are passionate about, or have one in mind that’s made a difference in your life, let us know by emailing:

To benefit from unlimited trips in a year as Dee and Graham have, apply for an annual multi-trip policy. For more information about Free Spirit and the cover we can offer please visit our FAQ page.

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