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Specialist travel insurance for serious medical conditions

Travel insurance for serious medical conditions

Having a serious medical condition can have a significant impact on a person’s life, particularly if it’s a condition for which there is no cure. Yet, while someone with long-term medical issues will already know about the challenges it places on living a normal life, it’s clear that it shouldn’t stop them from being able to enjoy life to the full.

Unfortunately, many standard travel insurance companies don’t see it that way. If you have a serious medical condition, they are unlikely to be able to provide you with holiday insurance that covers your medical condition, which may mean that you don’t travel at all or that you travel without full cover (which we don’t recommend).

Here at Free Spirit, we specialise in offering travel insurance to people of all ages with even the most serious conditions, including:

Liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is the name for the scarring of the liver caused by long-term damage. That scarring can prevent the liver from working correctly and, without proper treatment, could lead to complete liver failure. The liver is one of our most vital organs, so any impairment to its function is extremely serious.

The liver is where our bodies store glycogen for energy, where bile is produced to break down fats, where substances are made to clot the blood and where all the toxins in our body are processed. There is currently no cure for liver cirrhosis, but treatment can manage the condition and slow its progression. For someone with a well-managed condition, there is no reason why they cannot take a holiday.

Free Spirit provides travel insurance for many people with existing liver conditions, including liver cirrhosis.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, damages cells in your immune system, weakening them and making you susceptible to serious infections. There is no cure, however, the development of antiretroviral medication over the past few years has been significant and now with the right medication, a person can see their HIV become almost non-existent.

Providing you are fit to travel, there is no reason why a person with HIV cannot go on holiday, however, it should be noted that in some countries there are still restrictions on people with HIV entering the country. The charity, Terrence Higgins Trust, has details you may find helpful.

Sickle Cell Anaemia

Sickle cell is a condition that people are born with and is caused by a faulty gene which affects how red blood cells develop. It’s a serious and variable circulatory condition, and although it can be managed through medication and treatments such as blood transfusions, it can have a significant impact on a person’s life expectancy.

With medical travel insurance in place, such as Free Spirit, that covers your condition (subject to acceptance); you will have the peace of mind that should you have a sickle cell crisis whilst travelling, you can get emergency medical assistance 24 hours a day.


Why do I need specialist travel insurance for serious medical conditions?

The above are just a few of the serious medical conditions which we can offer travel insurance to cover, subject to medical screening either online or over the phone.  We also cover many other medical conditions and disabilities.

Having specialist travel insurance when you have a long-term health problem is vital.

Firstly, if you were to be taken ill abroad and didn’t have travel insurance, the cost of hospital treatment could be very expensive. Specialist travel insurance, such as the Free Spirit policy, will mean emergency medical costs are covered*, allowing you to get the treatment you need as soon as you need it.

Secondly, our travel insurance will also cover you for cancellation. Having any medical condition, particularly a serious one, is unpredictable. While you may be well when you book your holiday, your condition could flare up before departure and mean that you’re unable to travel. Having our holiday insurance in place will mean that some of the costs you have already paid out can be recovered*.

At Free Spirit, we will also cover the cancellation costs of those you are travelling with if they are also named on your policy*.

How do I get specialist medical travel insurance cover for serious medical conditions?

Getting yourself covered with Free Spirit is really simple. While we do offer an option to get a quote for insurance online with serious medical conditions such as those listed above, it may be better to contact us on 02392 419 080 to discuss your needs**.

Our friendly team of experts will ask you a series of medical screening questions designed to understand more about your medical condition. This is to make sure that we get the information we need to be able to provide you with an instant quote and provide you with the necessary cover for your trip.

Having specialist travel insurance in place and knowing you are covered if you have a problem with your long-term medical condition while away is essential to having a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

*Cover is subject to the terms, conditions and limits of the Insurance Policy.

** In some cases, a quotation is not available online and you will be asked to telephone us to see if we can provide cover.

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