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Mary Holt answers your FAQs about specialist travel insurance

When it comes to needing specialist travel insurance to cover your specific medical condition(s), we are only too aware of how many questions this can trigger. Whether it’s understanding what the insurance covers or knowing how the medical screening process works, we believe it’s important to help answer all your questions so you have all … Read moreMary Holt answers your FAQs about specialist travel insurance

Specialist travel insurance for serious medical conditions

Having a serious medical condition can have a significant impact upon a person’s life, particularly if it’s a condition for which there is no cure. Yet, while someone with long-term medical issues will already know about the challenges it places on living a normal life, it’s clear that it shouldn’t stop them from being able … Read moreSpecialist travel insurance for serious medical conditions

Cut the risk of cancer by exercising every day

Most people would associate regular exercise with playing a key role in preventing heart disease and keeping the heart fit and strong. However, would you associate exercise with cutting the risk of cancer? Most cancers are caused by lifestyle factors and not always genes, so for an overall healthy lifestyle we should all be taking … Read moreCut the risk of cancer by exercising every day

Can I travel abroad if I have breast cancer?

For most people booking the annual foreign holiday can be an exciting time. The thought of clear blue skies, sunshine from morning to dusk, warm shallow waves gently lapping at the shore, morning walks along the beach and endless time to take it easy are what holidays are all about. However if you have breast … Read moreCan I travel abroad if I have breast cancer?

Living with Fibromyalgia

What is fibromyalgia? The name fibromyalgia comes from three words: ‘fibro’ is a Latin word, meaning fibrous tissues such as tendons and ligaments ‘my’ is a Greek word, meaning muscles ‘algia’ is also a Greek word, meaning pain Fibromyalgia is a long term chronic condition which causes many symptoms but mainly widespread pain within all … Read moreLiving with Fibromyalgia

Living with Pancreatic Cancer

After reading a recent article in The Mirror newspaper and watching recent episodes of Coronation Street involving the character Hayley Cropper, this has highlighted what a serious disease pancreatic cancer is. For many people that have recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer it must come as a great shock and some people could even be … Read moreLiving with Pancreatic Cancer

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