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Don’t forget – Valentine’s Day 14 February

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to book that well earned weekend break. With this day fast approaching, loved ones will be frantically searching for the perfect getaway. What better way to show your partner how much you care by surprising them with a travel insurance policy to your secret destination. For a romantic getaway … Read moreDon’t forget – Valentine’s Day 14 February

Prostate Cancer

Did you know, breast cancer receives twice as much research funding as prostate cancer, despite both diseases affecting similar numbers of people? Leukaemia receives the most research funding from combined charity and government funding, followed by ovarian cancer and cancers of the brain. There are treatment options available for prostate cancer, here are a few … Read moreProstate Cancer

Why should I take out specialist travel insurance?

So you have a medical condition; why should that stop you from travelling be it a holiday, a weekend break or visiting family and friends. However, you need to ensure that the travel insurance policy you buy covers yours medical condition. You will find a wide range of travel insurance policies online including on price … Read moreWhy should I take out specialist travel insurance?

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